How Versus Battle boards work in Fortnite

Ready to face your rival?

Dragon Ball has landed in Fortnite in a collaboration event where you can play as your favorite character from that universe. You can choose between Vegeta, Goku, Beerus, or Bulma while playing the game, along with completing several challenges in the game. Several of these challenges have you working on Versus Battle boards, which are slightly different than the Bounty boards. Here’s what you need to know about how Versus Battle boards work in Fortnite.

What to do with Versus Battle boards in Fortnite

The Versus Battle boards are at the locations where you can find Bounty boards in the game. You’re essentially putting yourself into a queue against other players when you interact with the boards. We recommend interacting with the Versus Battle board and backing away from it. Instead of immediately having an opponent when you interact with the board and receive their location, another player needs to interact with the Versus Battle board. Then the two of you will have the chance to duel. Rather than a gold outline indicating their location, a smaller red outline will appear on your mini-map, showing you where you can find them. The player does not have to interact with the same board.

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You and the other player will have five minutes to defeat each other. Whoever can beat the other person or survive over the other will be the winner. We recommend interacting with any of these boards you can find during the Dragon Ball event, as there are several challenges you need to complete that feature a Versus Board. You might want to pick up some items from the Dragon Ball Vending Machines to use against your opponent.

Outside of completing challenges for the Dragon Ball event, the Versus Boards are a good way to narrow down the location of the last players in any of your Fortnite matches.