Where to visit the familiar training location for Dragon Ball quests in Fortnite

A location familiar to only Saiyans.

Kame House in Fortnite

Screenshot by Gamepur

During Fortnite’s crossover event with Dragon Ball, players will spot a peculiar challenge listed in the Power Unleashed questline. This specific task asks that you visit a familiar training location on the battle royale map but gives no other hints as to where this may be. Turns out, this secret area is actually one of the newest locations in the game and plays a major role in the Dragon Ball lore. Here’s where to find the familiar training location in Fortnite’s Dragon Ball Power Unleashed questline.

How to find the familiar training location in Fortnite

This “familiar training location” is actually an ode to the one and only Goku. Thus, the area you will need to head to is his old childhood stumping grounds, Kame’s House. As marked below, it can be found on the east side of the map’s group of islands, north of The Joneses. So, all you will need to do is step foot on its island and the challenge will be completed. Better yet, this challenge raises your Power Level an extra three million, so expect to earn one of the Power Unleashed questline’s 13 rewards upon completion.

Fortnite's map with the Kame House marked by a marker
Screenshot by Gamepur

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It is also crucial that you explore every inch of the new location. Kame’s House is not only home to chests and loot, but players can speak to its Bulma NPC to purchase Mythic items. These include the Kamehameha and the Flying Nimbus, both on sale for a ridiculous bargain of 250 Gold. If you happen to be short on Gold, the Mythics can also be found in Capsule Corp Capsules. The Kamehameha is certainly worth taking your time to find, as the weapon is capable of dealing a whooping 100 damage to enemies with just a single blast.