Is Rainbow Six Siege Down? How to check Rainbow Six’s server status

Don’t count out a possible server outage.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Online play is pretty central to Rainbow Six: Siege, given that the game is a competitive shooter. Without much in the way of single-player content, the game is almost exclusively played online. Most of the time, you’ll be able to log on without a hitch, provided your internet connection is solid. However, no game is immune to server outages. If you’re having trouble connecting to Siege’s servers, it’s always possible that they could either be undergoing maintenance or that an outage may have occurred. Here’s how you can check that.

The best place to start is Rainbow Six: Siege’s service status page, which is available on the game’s website. Here, you can see the global status of the game’s servers across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. If the servers are out or undergoing maintenance, you’ll see that here. For example, on December 15, the page stated that matchmaking, store, and authentication services are currently out, meaning you weren’t able to play online. In that case, the issue seemed to be due to an Amazon Web Services outage that was affecting a multitude of online services.

If the status page indicates that the servers are fine, you can always check with Ubisoft’s customer support service as well to see if the page simply hasn’t been updated yet. We also recommend you try searching for your issue on social media to see if any other people are having similar issues. If they are, it’s probably a sign that the issue is pretty widespread, and thus not exclusive to you.