Is Sea of Thieves cross platform/crossplay? Play with friends on Xbox and PC

Set sail with your mateys from different platforms!

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Online-only games like Sea of Thieves require a player base to be constantly invested. Without those players returning, there’s no real reason for the game to keep going with constant updates. That is why crossplay has become such a big feature in video games. It always allows the game’s community to be larger as a whole rather than fractured and cut off between platforms. Is there any cross platform functionality in Sea of Thieves?

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Does Sea of Thieves have crossplay?

Sea of Thieves does have crossplay between Xbox and PC players. While the game has not been released on PlayStation or Nintendo platforms, we expect, if it ever did, that it would support it there as well. Regardless, it is a game owned by Microsoft, so the odds of it coming to PlayStation or Nintendo Switch are slim. That being said, cross platform functionality has been available since day one for Xbox and PC players.

The process of making use of crossplay in Sea of Thieves is automatic. The only way to prevent it is to block your Xbox from being able to access PC platforms. While some may question the competitive advantage of playing on a keyboard and mouse versus a controller, the game is not necessarily built around competitiveness. The focus is more on grouping up with your friends and going on an adventure on the seas. While you can interact and fight opposing pirate groups, it is not something the game is built around.

If you are a fan of playing Sea of Thieves and want to play with someone on the other platform, invite them to your pirate crew via the Xbox friend list. You can also talk to them via in-game or party chat.

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