Where to find the Deluxe Edition Suits in Dead Space remake

Your appearance matters.

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The Dead Space remake is a faithful reimagining of the 2008 game from Motive Studio. The team rebuilt the game in the Frostbite engine, giving it modern graphics and even more terrifying encounters. Another thing the team has added to the game was a handful of cosmetic suits you can receive if you purchase the Deluxe Edition. Here’s what you need to know about where to find the Deluxe Edition Suits in the Dead Space remake.

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How to get your Deluxe Edition Suits in the Dead Space remake

The only way to access your Deluxe Edition suits is by making your way to a Store. This does not occur until you’ve repaired the Tram, found the Data Board, and survived the Kellion’s explosion. This happens during the game’s first chapter, shortly after Isaac is told he needs to make his way to the Medical Deck of the Ishimura.

On the route to making it to the Medical Deck, there will be a store available for you to access for the first time. When you initially interact with a store in the Dead Space remake, several notifications will inform you of all the cosmetic items you’ve unlocked on your account, and you can now access them. However, the key to switching between your suit appearances is to make sure you are at a store. If you are not at a store, you won’t be able to swap it out. You can find all available options in the Storage section of the store.

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It’s also important to note if you ever upgrade Isaac’s suit, the game automatically transfers the appearance over to the standard look. You can quickly swap it back to your preferred appearance while at the store, and it will remain like this until you change the outfit again or purchase another upgrade.