Loop Hero – beginners guide, hints, and tips

Some help on the loop.

Image via Devolver Digital

Loop Hero sends players on a never-ending loop as they attempt to rebuild the world. Along the way, they will collect all manner of resources, build a base camp, fight monsters, and take on the Lich that put them in the middle of this dark new world in the first place.

The game is quite complex, despite being very easy to get into and start, so in this guide we will run through some important things that beginners should know so that they can begin to master the loop.

There are three ways to leave the loop

There are three ways to leave the loop and return to the base camp, and they all have a different level of impact on your gathered resources.

  • Through the camp tile at the end of the loop by using the leave button on the bottom right of the screen – this allows you to keep all items you have collected.
  • At any point on the loop using the leave button – this will allow you to keep 60% of your collected resources
  • Dying – allies will come and get you from the loop, but you will only keep 30% of the resources you found

Right-click to buy time

While fighting is automatic, you can right-click to enter Planning mode, giving you time to check your cards and equipment before your character leaves a tile. Just hit right-click again to allow time to progress.

Resource cards have an effect on your character’s stats

Every resource card you place will also have an effect on your character. Every meadow card will heal you for 2 HP each day, while Mountain cards will grant 5 HP to your maximum health for every adjacent Rock or Mountain. Read card descriptions carefully before placing them.

Card placement is complicated, so experiment

Card placement, especially for resource cards, is complicated, so experiment with placing combinations of cards side by side. Placing Meadows beside mountains can have interesting interactions and turns them into Blooming Meadows, giving more HP and an extra resource, as can stacking up different types of cards in grids.

You can build mountains

Placing a 3×3 grid of Rocks or Mountains will result in a mountain peak that provides lots of extra resources, and a huge health bonus. They will also cause Harpies to spawn on the loop.

You can build at your camp

All the resources you collect can be used at your camp to make new buildings that will give you healing potions, better gear, or other benefits. It is also possible to upgrade those buildings by clicking on them and selecting the upgrade option.

Place Battlefields at the start of the loop

Battlefields can spawn loot chests, and the loot that drops will be relevant to the loop level, so you want to get that loot at the start of the loop, not the end.

Bosses spawn on the camp tile

Bosses will spawn on the camp tile, and will build structures around it while you are on the loop. Build your own structures there instead so that they don’t have as many free tiles to build on.

Save Oblivion cards

Oblivion cards can be used to remove boss structures, so save them for when the boss shows up. Removing their structures weakens them, and will make the boss fight easier.

You don’t have to fight bosses

If you would prefer to dodge a boss so you don’t lose a lot of resources, you can hit the retreat button on the camp tile and leave without punishment. You will need to take on the boss eventually, but you can wait until you are confident about how strong your character is.

Stack your Treasuries

The rewards from a completed Treasury scale with the loop level, so placing all but one resource card around it and waiting to drop the last one until just before you leave the loop is a good way to get high value resources.

Gear can be changed mid-fight

If you are fighting multiple enemies and a nice piece of loot drops, you can equip it straight away, you don’t have to wait for the fight to end.