Metroid Dread: How to get the Gravity Suit early

You can dive deeper into Burenia ahead of schedule if you know the correct path.

Image via Nintendo

There are so many weapons and items to grab early in Metroid Dread if you know the secret paths. After snagging the early Ice Missiles and Cross Bombs, you’ll be in a perfect position to return to Burenia ahead of schedule and grab the Gravity Suit too. If that sounds good to you, then read on to find out how you can pull it off.

Step one, you need to reach the Green Teleportal. Go to the spot in the screenshot below – it’s on the same main path you’ll take after getting the Ice Missiles, early Cross Bombs or not. What you need to do is start from the room to the right and Speed Boost left. You’ll be able to store a Shinespark just before you hit the wall. Then tuck around the corner in your Morph Ball to quickly drop into the water. Launch to the right to reach the higher ledge and pull yourself out of the water. Head to the right, drop down to the portal, and take it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll find yourself in Burenia. On the floor near the Teleportal are some hidden Bomb Blocks. Blow through them to find a hidden passage. Follow it, taking out the Enky along the way with your Ice Missile, and go through the next door. You’ll find an Energy Tank in here, but we’re not done – there’s a Speed Booster puzzle to solve too.

Sprint out of this room to the left, then Shinespark straight down into the floor to reveal another passage. Now we can do the real Speed Booster challenge. This time, you need to charge up, drop through the new hole, and book it to the right through the next door. Slide through the opening, shoot the Beam Blocks in your path on the way down, and Shinespark in midair straight to the left – hitting the slope will keep your momentum going, while touching the magnetic wall will stop you in your tracks. Run left up the hill and slide under the walls, stopping to store your Shinespark again. Drop down the next passage and launch right, into another hill. Store one last Shinespark at the top, then drop off and launch to the right to finally break through the last set of walls. A very well-earned Missile+ Tank is on the other side.

But we’re still not done! Shoot the wall to find a secret passage, then roll through it. Bomb through the explosive rock at the end of this path to reach a large flooded chamber. Roll out and jump to the ledge above, then follow the tunnel as it wraps around. Shoot the explosive rocks (the third needs a blast from the Diffusion Beam) and yank out the Grapple Beam Block across the gap. This sends the metal structure in the background crashing below.

Sink to the bottom of the room to find a new entrance to the tunnel in the left, thanks to the metal debris. Shoot the Missile Door there and head through. At long last, the Gravity Suit is in this next room – way ahead of schedule!

Now you’ll need to leave the area, which would normally require the Space Jump. To escape without it, sprint out of the Gravity Suit room and Shinespark straight up the middle of the flooded cavern to reach the ledges above.