All Burenia Missile Tank expansion locations in Metroid Dread

The underwater zone has many sunken treasures.

Image via Nintendo

As you explore Planet ZDR in Metroid Dread, you’ll eventually reach Burenia, the water-filled region. As with the other zones, there are plenty of collectibles to find here, including Missile Tanks that have sunk into the water. If you feel like going diving, you’ll find more ammo for your Missile Launcher.

Each Tank you grab increases your ammo count: standard ones raise it by two, while Missile+ Tanks add 10. Here’s where to find them all in Burenia.

Missile Tank #1 [+2] | Requirements: Spider Magnet, Morph Ball

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This Missile Tank is easier to grab once you have the Cross Bomb ability, but you don’t technically need it. When you reach a flooded room with a snaking magnetic ceiling, shimmy along it with the Spider Magnet and drop down at the top of the sloped ledge. Some Beam Blocks block the path to the Tank, but you can actually jump up and shoot through the opening to ping them from a distance. Then quickly grab the ledge to tuck into your Morph Ball and roll on through to the prize.

Missile Tank #2 [+10] | Requirements: None

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You’ll find this in the first fully underwater chamber in the low part of the zone. As you sink down past the fish enemies, bear left to land on a small platform that holds the Missile Tank.

Missile Tank #3 [+2] | Requirements: None

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You don’t any special gear to find this Missile Tank, but you do need to wait until you meet Quiet Robe in Ferenia – he’ll open up a new path back in Burenia. Return here and climb the right side of the newly opened room. There’s a Missile Block at the top you can shoot out to find a Tank inside it.

Missile Tank #4 [+10] | Requirements: Spider Magnet, Morph Ball, Flash Shift

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Start from the Burenia Map Station and make your way up the rainy adjacent room on the left. Cling to the magnetic wall at the top and aim across the gap to blow away a Missile Block. Quickly use a double dash from the Flash Shift ability to clear the pressure plate and reach the ledge. Then you can tuck into your Morph Ball and drop down to the Missile Tank.

Missile Tank #5 [+2] | Requirements: Screw Attack

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Right next to the elevator to Artaria is a set of Screw Attack Blocks. Once you have that ability, you can hop right through them and grab another Missile Tank.

Missile Tank #6 [+10] | Requirements: Screw Attack

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Just west of the previous Expansion, in the room after the Network Station, there’s another Missile Tank above the water. Use the Screw Attack to break through the blocks that surround it.

Missile Tank #7 [+2] | Requirements: None

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You technically don’t need anything to get this Missile Tank, but you do need the Space Jump and Screw Attack to make your way to it. From the previous Expansion, Space Jump up the chasm. That path will lead to a large room with fight against twin Robot Chozo Soldiers. Once they’re down, check for a Missile Block near the exit door – it has a Tank inside.

Missile Tank #8 [+2] | Requirements: Space Jump

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This is found in the flooded room above the path that Quiet Robe opens up. One the right side is a ledge you can reach once you have the Space Jump, as that’ll get you high enough out of the water to clamber over the corner ledge to reach the Tank.

Missile Tank #9 [+2] | Requirements: Speed Booster, Gravity Suit

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Once you have the Gravity Suit, you can freely use the Speed Booster in water. Head to the large, central underwater chamber in Ferenia. Charge up a Shinespark by sprinting along the bottom, then launch straight up into the middle of the ceiling to break through to this Missile Tank.

Missile Tank #10 [+2] | Requirements: Space Jump, Gravity Suit

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This Tank is in the vertical chamber just northeast of the lower Save Station. With the Space Jump and Gravity Suit, you’ll be able to reach the high ledge holding it.

Missile Tank #11 [+2] | Requirements: Diffusion Beam, Space Jump, Gravity Suit

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When you make your way to the lower tram to Dairon the first time, you’ll use your Diffusion Beam to change the water level in a room with some floats. Return here with the Gravity Suit and Space Jump to leap up the left-side ledges and reach the Missile Tank above.

Missile Tank #12 [+10] | Requirements: Morph Ball, Bombs, Speed Booster, Ice Missile

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There’s a hidden path right by the Green Teleportaldrop some Bombs on the floor to its right to find it. Drop through the passage and use your Ice Missile to destroy the Enky mushrooms blocking the way. Go through the first door and you’ll actually find an Energy Part, but there’s another prize in this area. The floor on the left of that door is made of Speed Boost blocks. To destroy them, run from the other side of the door and Shinespark straight down. Now for the real test: that was just the start to one of the game’s most involved Speed Boost puzzles. Now you need to charge up, drop through the hole, and book it to the right through the next door. Slide through the opening, shoot the Beam Blocks in your path on the way down, and Shinespark in midair straight to the left – hitting the slope will keep your momentum going. Now run left and slide under the walls, stopping to store your Shinespark again. Drop down the next passage and launch right, into another hill. Store your Shinespark one last time at the top of that, then drop and launch to the right to finally break through the last set of walls. Your well-earned Missile+ Tank is on the other side.