Best Mist Farming Method for Disney Dreamlight Valley

Mist is the new Dreamlight, and you can learn hown to best farm it in Disney Dreamlight Valley with this guide.

DDV Mist Farming Method

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If you’re diving into the magical world of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s A Rift in Time, chances are you’ve realized that the key to unlocking its wonders lies in farming Mist.

Mist is the new Dreamlight Magic, and it’s in high demand for everything from opening new areas to upgrading tools and crafting incredible machines. Even getting through the storyline in DDV’s expansion demands you to farm and spend a pretty hefty amount of Mist. In this guide, I’ll show you some of the best Mist farming methods both for the early and late game in A Rift in Time.

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Best Early Game Mist Farming Method in DDV

DDV Mist Farming
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The best way to farm Mist in DDV early in A Rift in Time is to complete all Mist and Eternity Isle duties. Or at least as many as you possibly can.

Upon arriving at Eternity Isle, you’ll notice a shift from Dreamlight Magic duties to Mist duties. These are your new go-to tasks for generating Mist. While some tasks may take time, others can be completed shortly after arriving on the island.

Focus on duties, as they provide Mist directly and contribute to completing tasks over time. Some tasks can be finished almost immediately upon arriving on Eternity Isle, offering quick Mist bonuses. For instance, investing in 645 seeds from the Goofy stalls of each new biome can complete three seed-buying tasks, granting you an impressive 4650 Mist.

Progress through the main quest, The Flying Metal Nuisance, to maximize efficiency until you repair the bridge connecting the courtyard to the Glittering Dunes and The Wild Tangle.

Now that you can access all three biomes, it’s time to create a hub for rapidly completing Mist duties. Restore all Wells and Goofy’s Stalls to access fast travel and all the new content. This designated space allows you to efficiently complete tasks related to gardening, cooking, selling, placing furniture, and picking fruit.

Best Late Game Mist Farming Method in DDV

DDV Farm Mist
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The best Mist farming method in the late portion of DDV’s A Rift in Time is to exploit the Royal Hourglass.

The Royal Hourglass is a game-changer in your Mist-farming journey. Use it to search for time distortions and clear splinters of fate. 

Keep in mind that you can even find Mist in realms outside of Eternity Isle. Larger realms may hold 300 to 450 Mist, while smaller ones offer 150. If you spot a Mist Sphere floating around the map, use your Royal Hourglass over and over until it disappears to snag as much Mist as you can.