MLB The Show 21: Which 1st Inning boss should you pick?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

The conclusion of the MLB The Show 21 1st Inning Program is coming closer and closer, and considering that, you might be getting near Level 25. MLB The Show players, upon hitting the 350,000 XP threshold, will receive a special choice pack. This pack consists of three 1st Inning bosses: Kenny Lofton, Mike Piazza, and Fernando Valenzuela.

You can only pick one of the three, so it is somewhat important to pick the right player. So, which player should you take? Let’s take a look at the three cards, plus our recommendations for the choice pack.

1st Inning Bosses

First off, let’s take a look at the three bosses, starting with Kenny Lofton:

Kenny Lofton

Screenshot from Gamepur

Mike Piazza

Screenshot by Gamepur

Fernando Valenzuela

Screenshot by Gamepur

Which one should you take?

As far as the most valuable of the three, you might want to take Lofton. As of April 27, the former White Sox outfielder had the highest price by a small margin on the market. In fact, all three were fairly even in terms of price, but Lofton did have the highest one. So, if you were looking to sell your prize for the 1st Inning, perhaps you might want to go with the speedy outfielder.

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If you’re looking for the best player among the three, we also recommend going with Lofton. The good news is that all three cards are pretty powerful. But, Lofton’s speed and contact ability are amazing. On top of that, he should also be a force in the field, making the former White Sox the best one to grab. Sure, he doesn’t have great pop, but his set of tools make Lofton a perfect fit in almost any team’s top of the lineup.

However, if you don’t need an outfielder, perhaps go with the power-hitting Piazza or crafty righty in Fernando Valenzuela.