MLB The Show 22: How to complete the Field of Dreams Cubs Conquest and all hidden rewards

If you build it, they will open packs.

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On Thursday, August 11, the MLB will hold its annual Field of Dreams game. This year, the game is being played by the Chicago Cubs and the Cincinnati Reds. Both teams are having dismal seasons in real life, but that doesn’t mean the rewards from the conquest are anything short of amazing. We’re here to give you a full breakdown of every reward in this new MLB The Show 22 Conquest map.

The Conquest

This conquest won’t last long, as the entire program will only run for 10 days, so you must act rather quickly if you can. This conquest thankfully has only six teams to battle. Those teams are the Dodgers, the Cubs, the Phillies, the Royals, the Blue Jays, and the Rangers. Let’s dive into the goals for this map.

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Conquest Goals

  • Goal 1: Capture one enemy Stronghold (rewards are MLB The Show 22 pack, 350 Stubs, and 400 XP)
  • Goal 2: Capture three enemy Strongholds (rewards are Headliners Set 9 pack, 400 Stubs, and 600 XP)
  • Goal 3: Conquer 100 territories (rewards are Headliners Set 14 pack, 350 stubs, and 400 XP)
  • Goal 4: Acquire 150M fans (rewards are 1979 Chicago Cubs Road uniform, 500 Stubs, and 600 XP
  • Goal 5: Capture all six Strongholds (rewards are a MLB The Show 22 pack (x5), 1,250 Stubs, and 1,000 XP)
  • Goal 6: Conquer all 171 Territories (rewards are a Cover Athletes Choice Pack, 1,750 Stubs and 2,000 XP)

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Hidden Rewards

  • MLB The Show 22 pack on the north shoulder of the map, on the same row as the Blue Jays.
  • Ballin is a Habit pack under the Blue Jays Stronghold.
  • 2022 All-Star Game Choice Pack hidden under the Dodgers Stronghold.
  • Ballin’ is a Habit pack under the Rangers Stronghold.
  • MLB The Show 22 pack near the bottom-right edge of the map.
  • Classic Stadium Choice Pack next to the Cubs stronghold.
  • MLB The Show 22 pack in the middle of the map.
  • Headliners Set 6 on the same row as the Royals Stronghold.
  • Headliners Set 26 south of that Set 6 pack.
  • Headliners Set 36 pack next to the Phillies stronghold on the very tip of the path leading out of the stronghold.
  • MLB The Show 22 pack directly next to the Headliners Set 36 pack.
  • MLB The Show 22 pack directly next to that Show pack.

Once you’re done collecting the 30,000 XP, you can check out our full breakdown of the Field of Dreams Program, which lets you select iconic players from the Cubs and Reds. Remember that you don’t have much time at all as the program and this conquest will expire on August 19.