NBA 2K23: How to get 97 OVR Moments Damian Lillard in MyTeam

It’s Dame-time!

Screenshot by Gamepur

At some point, we have to stop being surprised as to what Portland Trail Blazers star guard Damian Lillard can do on an NBA court. On January 25, Lillard dropped 60 points and eight assists in a 134-124 win over the Utah Jazz. To celebrate Lillard’s epic performance, a new 97 OVR Moments card that features the superstar from Portland can now be obtained in NBA 2K23 and MyTeam. So, how can you add the 2K21 cover athlete to your collection? Take a look at the market.

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How to get 97 OVR Moments Damian Lillard in MyTeam

Traditionally, Moments cards have required MyTeam players to pick a different version of the Moments featured player and replicate that individual’s stat line. For example, the Moments Jalen Duren required users to use one of Duren’s two other cards to score points and rebounds that matched his numbers from January 23.

This one, however, will be different. 97 OVR Moments Lillard is instead available in the Token Market. The Token Market traditionally Series players, as well as items that were available in the rewards path in prior Seasons.

In order to get 97 OVR Damian Lillard, all that’s needed is 250 Tokens. Tokens can be obtained in a variety of different ways, including logging in to MyTeam on a daily basis, completing Agendas, and all kinds of other ways.

That’s all that needs to be done to get Moments Lilliard. No Agendas and collections, you just need to farm up some Tokens if you don’t have them.