All of Fuse’s abilities in Apex Legends

Meet the one-man wrecking crew.

New Legend Fuse

Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy is the newest Legend in the Apex Games, blasting onto the scene for Season 8: Mayhem. Fuse is an offensive Legend, and he is certainly going to bring the boom to the Apex roster — his character and personality, as well as all of his abilities, are both themed around explosives.


Every Legend released has three core abilities: Tactical, Passive, and Ultimate, and some also have an optional perk. Here is a look at all of Fuse’s abilities.

Tactical: Knuckle Cluster

Knuckle Cluster
Image via Respawn

Fuse’s tactical ability allows him to launch a cluster bomb, creating a dangerous scene that looks like a bunch of firecrackers going off. It’s not a one-and-done either; it will continue to expel miniature airburst concussion mines within the range of the impact point over a short period of time.

Passive: Grenadier

Image via Respawn

This passive ability is one that players have been wanting for a while. Fuse has a built-in grenade launcher in his mechanical arm that allows him to shoot grenades at a greater distance, at a higher speed, and with more precision. He can also carry two grenades per inventory slot, the way that all Legends could in the first few seasons.

Ultimate: The Motherlode

The Motherlode
Image via Respawn

It’s time for a little shock and “awesome” with Fuse’s ultimate ability. The Motherlode rains down a bombardment that is very different than Gibraltar’s or Bangalore’s airstrikes. Instead of hitting the enemy dead on, this strike focuses on trapping them. The target area will be surrounded by a ring of fire — a full-circle incinerator wall. It’ll be tough to get out of that one without a couple of burns.

Motherlode Ring of Fire
Image via Respawn


Fuse does not currently have a passive Perk.

All of these abilities will be perfect for the changes on Kings Canyon, especially when it comes to breaking into the new Explosive Holds. Fuse’s passive ability will allow players to plan out their break into the Explosive Holds with a much more tactical approach. With all of these new types of explosions Fuse brings to the battlefield, it’s no doubt that the title of “Mayhem” suits Season 8 perfectly.