Overwatch 2 Tank Character Tier List – The Best Tank Heroes

Take control of the fight.

Image via Activision Blizzard

With the release of Overwatch 2, the Tank class has been completely flipped on its head. Removing one Tank from both teams in each match and limiting shields has made them less about protecting teammates and more about getting into fights and brawling their way to victory. Here is a tier list detailing the best Tank heroes in Overwatch 2 as of the beginning of Season 2.

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Tank character tier list in Overwatch 2


  • Orisa, Roadhog
Screenshot by Gamepur

Orisa’s rework has concretely made her into a brawling threat, giving her new weapons and more survivability in scraps. She no longer needs to hide behind a barrier shield. She will get in your face and simply outlast you. With the addition of Kiriko and her Suzu Protection ability, Roadhog has become a serious threat that can survive a lot of attacks and status effects. He has a nerf coming in the future that could really lower him on this list, though.


  • D.Va, Reinhardt, Zarya
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D.Va, like almost always, is a Tank that can do almost everything. She is very mobile and can do a ton of damage in a short time. Reinhardt is still the most reliable shield, but now his offensive abilities have been modified to be better. He has become even more likely to be able to jump into scrums with enemies and walk away, although Orisa can give him significant problems. While Zarya has gotten some nerfs, she is still a powerful Tank to have on your team when she is near full charge. If the enemy team doesn’t know how to stop her, she is a force.


Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Ramattra’s announcement for Season 2 had a lot of people thinking he would be an unstoppable beast, but early impressions have him a bit weaker than people initially envisioned. He is quite easy to take down for the Tank role, and while his two modes of fire have their uses, they are quite inconsistent. He is great on offense, but we really do not recommend using him on defensive maps. Maybe with more time on him he will rise on this list. As for Wrecking Ball, he has probably the highest survivability potential in Overwatch 2, but you need to understand how to use him pretty well before you can get good use out of him. If you don’t you are leaving your team out on an island for the opposition.


  • Doomfist, Sigma, Winston
Image via Activision Blizzard

Doomfist’s movement into the Tank slot will probably take some time to get right. He can disrupt enemies, but he doesn’t quite feel like a must-choose at this point. Unless you are really good on Doomfist, you likely will find yourself dying or running from battles where you did not do leave much of an impact. Sigma still has his returning kit from the first game, but now that he would be the only Tank on a team, he can be ganged up on easily. There are certain maps where he can excel, and if his Supports can keep him up, he can take over a game, but outside of those, he is not really the best choice in most situations. Winston started out Overwatch 2 really strong, but Roadhog has essentially ruined his ability to do anything useful for your team. He has no way to combat him at this moment.