Overwatch 2 Ramattra guide – tips, strategies, counters and more

He’s fighting for Omnic-kind.

Image from Blizzard Entertainment

Ramattra is the latest Tank available as of Season 2 in Overwatch 2. The Null Sector leader has teamed up with the terrorist organization Talon to take the fight to the humans in the lore, which will be explored more once the story mode is added in the future. As for now, you can play the Omnic in PvP and see how well he can carry your team to victory. Here are some tips, strategies, and other information you should know about Ramattra in Overwatch 2.

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All Ramattra abilities in Overwatch 2

  • Passive
    • Ramattra’s only passive is for the Tank role that he is a part of. He is harder to knock back, and ultimates are generated slower through healing and damage received.
  • Ravenous Vortex (Ability 1)
    • Throws out a ball that creates a circular field on the ground. Any enemies inside the field are slowed and pulled to the floor.
  • Nemesis Form (Ability 2)
    • Converts into his Nemesis Form for eight seconds. Gains extra armor and changes his primary fire to let him punch energy blasts that travel through shields. His shield ability is converted to let him shield himself with his arms as you hold the ability.
  • Annihilation (Ultimate)
    • Automatically transforms Ramattra into his Nemesis Form for three seconds. Any nearby enemies will have their life force zapped away during this time. As long as at least one enemy is being affected by this, the timer will go down much slower, with a max time of 20 seconds.

When he is out of his Nemesis Form, Ramattra’s main fire is the Void Accelerator. This fires a very fast stream of projectiles that do little damage per bullet but deal significant damage when you hit headshots. He also can deploy a barrier in front of him that has 1,000 health and automatically goes away after about five seconds.

How to play as Ramattra in Overwatch 2

Image via Blizzard

While Ramattra has a barrier shield, it is one that should be used for initiating an attack rather than hiding behind it in an advantageous spot. When your team is pushing, you want to place it in a spot directly in front of the push where it can stop damage and allow you to move forward safely. Once you place it, you can not move it, so it is very important you don’t put it too close to the enemy where they can just walk through it.

As your team pushes forward, be sure to use Ravenous Vortex to keep grouped up enemy teams in a spot where they can’t get away. This is especially useful for stopping certain high-mobility heroes from getting away, like Lucio, Mercy, Soldier: 76, and Wrecking Ball. This does also pull down flying enemies like Pharah and Echo, but the pull on this does not necessarily go very high, so they can avoid it if they stay high enough in the air.

If the enemy Tank has a shield, you will want to go into your Nemesis Form and get close enough to start punching squishier enemies through the shield. The range on this fire is not that far, so you are putting yourself at risk here. Be sure to shield yourself if you are taking too much damage, but you should try to have at least one teammate to back you up in these situations, whether it be a healer or someone flanking them to get the backfire attention off of you.

When it comes to using his Ultimate, you want as many enemies around you as possible. It can last as long as 20 seconds if there is an enemy taking damage from it. During this time, focus on taking the lower-health enemies out first and using their Tank as a battery to keep your Ultimate going.

While Ramattra has the potential to take on enemies on his own, his primary fire holds him back against foes with higher health and damage like Reinhardt. Don’t try to be a one-man army with him. He is much better at getting the team into good situations than putting himself in one.

Good teammates to play with Ramattra in Overwatch 2

In the Support category, Lucio’s speed boost can help your team close the gap quickly on the enemy. Zenyatta being able to heal him from a distance and put his Orb of Discord out is also valuable. Brigitte and Kiriko can also be useful if they have the ability to deal damage alongside him.

As for Damage teammates, anyone who can force the issue and take a little pressure off of Ramattra when he is in a scrum is a good choice. Bastion, Junkrat, Mei, and Reaper can fill this role. Anyone to flank the opposing team can also help in this area, like Echo, Genji, Pharah, Sombra, and Tracer.

All counters and who to counter with Ramattra in Overwatch 2

The biggest counters to Ramattra are anyone who is mobile or has high health. Pretty much the entire Tank category can outlast him in a one-on-one fight unless he is hitting consistent headshots. D.Va, Winston, and Wrecking Ball can make this hard for him to do.

While he can pull down Echo and Pharah with his Ravenous Vortex, if they are far away from their team or high enough in the air, they can completely avoid it and get some easy shots off on him. Mei and Reaper also have the ability to heal themselves pretty consistently to stay in a fight with him.

As for Supports, Zenyatta putting a Discord Orb on Ramattra is the last thing he wants when he does not have access to his Nemesis Form. Ana can Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenade him easily to make things a lot tougher for him with his inconsistent barrier.

As for who you should use Ramattra to counter, anyone who plays passively falls into your hands. A Reinhardt standing with his shield too long lets you punch his allies behind him, and Zarya does not have a way to escape your attacks unless she can overpower you with her energy charge. Ashe, Baptiste, Cassidy, Hanzo, Symmetra, Torbjorn, and Zenyatta can be pretty easy targets for him to hit if they are too stationary. Also, anyone who you catch in your Ravenous Vortex has to hope for a good counterattack for any chance of survival.