Pokémon Go April 2023 Community Day Classic: Swinub Special Research Ticket – Is it Worth it?

This Community Day Classic event celebrates Swinub, and it comes with a Special Ticket you can buy in Pokémon Go.

Image via the Pokémon Company and Niantic

Swinub is returning to the spotlight in Pokémon Go with the Community Day Classic event. It will take place in April 2023, closing the month and giving players an increased chance to catch this Pokémon in the wild.

Like every Community Day event in Pokémon Go, Swinub’s Community Day Classic will have a Special Research Ticket that all players can purchase. The ticket comes with several tasks, rewarding additional Swinub encounters, and several helpful items. So is Pokémon Go’s April 2023 Community Day Classic Special Research ticket for Swinub worth purchasing?

Should you Get The April 2023 Community Day Classic: Swinub Special Research ticket in Pokémon Go?

The Community Day Classic Special Research ticket for Swinub will follow the same pattern for other events before it. This ticket is available for purchase before the Community Day Classic event, which will take place on April 29, 2023, from 2 PM to 5 PM in your local time zone. If you are going to purchase this ticket, make sure it is before this time to get the most out of it.

If you cannot devote time to this event on April 29, 2023, we recommend going out of your way to buy this ticket. The whole point behind this ticket is to provide players participating in the event with more access to items and Poké Balls while catching the featured Pokémon.

That said, of the Pokémon to receive Community Day Classic events, Swinub is a good option. The final evolved form for Swinub is Mamoswine, a Ground and Ice-type species of Pokémon, and it’s considered one of the stronger options you can use in Pokémon Go.

We highly recommend using this Pokémon against other players, and it’s also highly effective when battling in specific five-star raids or when fighting against Team Rocket members at Poké Stops.

If you’re missing a perfect Swinub with ideal IVs or need a stronger Mamoswine for your roster, buying this Special Research ticket is a good idea. You’ll get more Swinubh encounters and might have a good chance of finding one with the ideal stats you need for PvP or PvE raids in Pokémon Go. If you’re missing the shiny version of this Pokémon, that’s also a reason to participate in this event.

That said, if you already have a Mamoswine you like and you have the shiny version, passing on the April 2023 Community Day Classic event is a good idea too. This is a repeat event for Pokémon Go, and the Community Exclusive attack that Mamoswine will learn, Ancient Power, is not a must-have move. We don’t recommend teaching this to a Mamoswine and should pass on it.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you when considering purchasing this ticket. Make sure to do it before April 29, 2023, in your local time zone to get the most out of it while playing Pokémon Go.