Pokemon GO: Best Pokemon To Catch & Train During Out To Play Event

Pokemon GO’s latest research event, Out to Play, has launched, giving players a better chance to catch and train these Pokemon

Out to Play Pokemon Go

Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokemon GO launched their latest event, Out to Play on September 27th. Now through October 2nd, players can engage in special research tasks to earn exclusive bonuses in the game. Like most Pokemon GO events, Out to Play offers gameplay bonuses which largely focus on a few key Pokemon that will appear more often in the wild.

During the Out to Play event, walking on Routes with your buddy Pokemon will earn candy more quickly, so it’s a great time to spend some time with favorite companions. For this event, here are the key Pokemon you can catch and train for the next few days.

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Image via The Pokemon Company

Growlithe is the star of the show for Out to Play in Pokemon Go, with the introduction of Shiny Hisuian Growlithe as part of the event. Growlithe is set to appear more frequently during the event, which means you have a better chance of catching this new shiny version while the puppy Pokemon is easier to find.

Growlithe’s evolution, Arcanine, will also appear slightly more frequently, including the Shiny version.


Kecleon in Pokemon Go
Image via the Pokemon Company

This Pokemon is set to appear more frequently at PokeStops, making the Out to Play event a prime time to try and catch the color swap Pokemon. Kecleon is often found using its Color Change ability to hide at PokeStops, so visiting them is the best way to grab this Pokemon during the event.

Since it was only added to Pokemon Go back in February 2023, having better chances to grab one is a huge perk of this event.


Woobat Pokemon Go
Image via the Pokemon Company

This fluffy little bat Pokemon is another critter that will appear more frequently in the wild during the Out to Play event in Pokemon Go, so it’s a great time to add this one to your Pokedex if you haven’t already, or to Shiny hunt if you’ve yet to grab the Shiny version.

If you’re looking to evolve your Woobat, this event is a great time to make it your buddy Pokemon and explore some routes to earn double candy.


Pawmi Pokemon Go
Image via The Pokemon Company

This cute Generation 9 mouse Pokemon will also spawn more frequently during the Out to Play event, so you can catch as many as you need to fill your team. Pawmi was part of the most recent group of Pokemon added to the game, which means it’s extra exciting to have more chances to catch it.

Pawmi has two evolutions, making it another great choice to use those faster buddy candy rewards during the event if you’re looking to add Pawmo and Pawmot to your team.


Image via The Pokemon Company

Can you ever have too many Eevee? Given all its different evolutions in Pokemon Go, we’re going to say that’s a no. Eevee will be easier to find and catch for the duration of Out to Play, so you can build your Eeveelution army during this event. Let’s not forget that you could also have better luck Shiny hunting Eevee with the increased appearances.

Sadly, just earning extra Eevee candy while exploring Routes with this Pokemon won’t get you all the evolved forms, but it will give you some high level creatures to turn into Umbreon, Vaporean, Flareon, Jolteon, Espeon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon.


Feebas Pokemon Go
Image via The Pokemon Company

Feebas may not be the cutest Pokemon around, but it will be one of the easiest to catch for the span of Out to Play. Now is also a great time to Shiny hunt this one, since the game features its Shiny version. Better yet, why not grab two so you can evolve one into shiny Milotic as well?

If you want to evolve your Feebas into Milotic in Pokemon Go, this Pokemon is a great one to use for those extra candy perks for buddy Pokemon.


Pokemon Go Onix
Image via the Pokemon Company

The rock Pokemon favored by Brock himself will be a great one to look out for during the event, as it will spawn more frequently. Shiny Onix is also available in the game, so it’s a good time to Shiny hunt if you’re hoping for a Shiny version of this companion and its evolution, Steelix.


Psyduck Pokemon Go
Image via The Pokemon Company

Catching Psyduck will be less of a headache for the duration of Out to Play in Pokemon Go, as it is also on the list to appear in the wild more often. Shiny Psyduck will also be out there ready for hunting.

Make Psyduck your buddy to earn the candy rewards and you can get yourself a Shiny Golduck as well.

With the research tasks and bonus buddy candy opportunities, there’s plenty to get up to with the Out to Play Pokemon GO event. These Pokemon are especially great to hunt for and train during the event to fill up your Pokedex- and hopefully you’ll find plenty of Shinies.