Rusu Mountain Spirit Mail location in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Rusu Mountain is a long and rocky area with hidden Spirit Mail. Find out where it’s hiding.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Spirit Mail is one of the many collectibles in Kena: Bridge of spirits alongside Rot Spirits and Flower Shrines. These collectibles appear as golden bags floating in a hidden area. While there is only one of these collectibles in Rusu Mountain, it is worth noting that it isn’t in the most obvious place. Trust us, we looked. It is tucked away in an area that you might just overlook without giving it a second thought. Don’t miss out on this item if you’re going for all the trophies.

Spirit Mail location

This is a lengthy process. When you first enter the Rusu Mountain area, you will have a set path to take you up the mountains. Go past the area where you run into the first of Taro’s memories. After that, go past the area with the long dirt slide. Once those areas are cleared, you will find yourself in an area with many cliffs and ledges that are meant for climbing. Progress through this area normally until you reach the ledges in the picture below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Here you will have the option to go to the left or the right. You might likely jump from the cliff above and immediately land on the left side without noticing that you can go to the right. Take the right path until you reach a cave. Go inside the cave, and the Spirit Mail will be waiting for you.

Screenshot by Gamepur