Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Remake Forageables – How to Find Them & Their Uses

Players don’t just farm produce in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, they can find foragables just about everywhere on the map.


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While the bulk of what players will be doing in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is farming and tending to the needs of various animals, there’s so much more to do outside of the tiny farmstead they start with.

A big part of the game that players are never really made aware of is foraging, but it’s essential to building relationships and can be very profitable. This guide outlines everything fans need to know about forageables in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life so that they can make the most of them from day one.

*** This guide is in progress and will be added to as we discover more forageables. ***


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Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Forageables Guide

Below, we’ve highlighted the most important things players need to know about forageables in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. This includes every item players can forage for, where to get them, and what to do with them.

All Forageables in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life & Where to Find Them

The table below lists every forageable in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life and explains where players can find them in the world. We’ve included references for the times of year when they apply.

Forageable NameWhere to Find itSeason it AppearsUses
Weird-Looking Mushroom
Outside the tree by the Goddess Lake where players will often see the Sprites.All Year RoundThe player can eat this mushroom to enter the house of the Sprites. This allows players to speak to the Sprites and learn one recipe per day.
Toy Flower
Around the Goddess Spring to the north of the player’s farm. SpringCan be given as gifts or sold for a small profit.
Aromatic HerbFound outside the large Villa on the opposite side of the village. SpringIt can be sold or given as a gift, but it is best used in recipes to produce delicious meals.
Goddess Drop Flower
Found near the Goddess Spring north of the player’s farm. SpringCan be sold for a profit or given as a gift to villagers.
Happy Lamp Flower
To the left of the grassy hill leading down to the beach, close to Gustfa’s tent.SummerThe Happy Lamp Flower can be given as a gift to characters in the village to improve the player’s relationship with them. It can also be sold for a small profit at the player’s shop or to Van.
Spiral Herb
Grows everywhere, at the farm, by the Goddess Pond, and on random spots of grass all over the village. SummerUsed in cooking recipes, but can also be sold for a profit.
Mist Moon FlowerTBASummerTBA
Trick Blue Flower
Found growing on the farm and around the Goddess Pond. SummerCan be given to characters to improve their relationship or sold to Van.
Sagesoil Flower
Grows close to the water by the mine. AutumnShould be given to characters as gifts or sold to Van for a profit.
Grows around the farm and by the Goddess Pond. AutumnCan be used in recipes or sold to Van for some added cash.
Grows by the Goddess Pond. AutumnCan be cooked up for meal or sold to Van.
Huddle Herb
Grows around the farm. AutumnUsed in cooking, but can be sold to Van for a profit if the player needs quick cash.
Grows at the villa. AutumnUsed in cooking and for selling for profit.
Grows around the swampy pond. WinterCan be given as gifts to various characters or sold to Van.
Budding Herb
Grows in the player’s farm. WinterCan be cooked with or sold to Van for a little extra money.
Upseed FlowerTBAWinterTBA

How to Store Forageables in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

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Forageables can be stored in the player’s bag, the shed, or the refrigerator because they don’t spoil. These items are some of the only ones that can’t go bad or rot in the player’s inventory so that they can sit there forever. We prefer organizing them in our refrigerator if they’re edible and doing the same in our shed if they’re not so that we can see each stack at a glance and know where they are at all times. Of course, it’s always worth having a flower on your character just in case they need to flirt with a love interest.

What are Foragables in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life?

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Forageables are items or plants that appear and grow on the ground that players can pick up in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. These goods will reappear where the player found them after a day or so, allowing them to stock up and build a decent supply over time. Forageables range from plastic flowers to real ones, herbs, and even mushrooms, all of which can be sold or used in various ways.

What to do With Forageables in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

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Players can use forageables in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life to cook and create new recipes, sell for profit, or as gifts for characters around the village to help improve their relationships. Forageables are one of the most robust resources in the game, and players should absolutely make the most of them from the first day of Spring Year 1.

Picked flowers can be given to most characters to help boost a relationship with them, and herbs can be used in all sorts of delicious recipes. If players can’t think of anything else to do with their surplus of forageables, then they can sell them at their shop stall or to Van the trader when he comes into town for a tidy profit. Forageables cost nothing to pick, so every penny made from selling them is worth the effort.