Tears of the Kingdom – How To Complete A Wife Wafted Away Quest

After saving the region from an awful sludge in ToK, why not complete a Wife Wafted Away and reunite this gorgeus Zora couple?

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In Tears of the Kingdom, the Zora region experiences a whirlwind of transformations when Link is nearby. They kick that disgusting sludge out of their precious waters and even crown a new king. In the midst of all this merry chaos, a girl named Mei decides to pull a disappearing act.

As if saving the entire kingdom wasn’t a big enough deal, Mei’s loving husband, Fronk, politely asks Link to go on a wild goose chase and locate his missing wife. Because, you know, being a hero just isn’t burdensome enough.

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How to Start A Wife Wafted Away Quest in Tears of the Kingdom

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This quest becomes available once the main quest, “Sidon of the Zora,” has been cleared out. After completing the Water Temple and watching the following cutscenes, look for Fronk in the Zora Domain. If you Ascend from the Mogawak Shrine, he’ll stand at the entrance bridge’s right.

Where is Mei in A Wife Wafted Away ToK

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To find Mei in A Wife Wafted Away, teleport to the Sky’s Water Temple Entrance or Igoshon Shrine on Wellspring Island. Once you get there, head to the island’s southeast corner and keep gliding southeast. Since the island where Mei is located isn’t at the same altitude as the Water Temple, dive downward until reaching the location shown in the image above.

A couple of Construct Soldiers are on this island, so prepare for a quick fight. Once they have been defeated, look to the right. At the end of the staircase, right before the water bank, Mei will be standing looking at the bank.

Speak to Mei and let her know that Fronk is worried about her disappearing. After that, she’ll head back to the Zora Domain. Return to the Zora Domain and look for the couple in the exact location where Fronk was initially. Interact with them to finish the quest.