The 10 best Normal type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Normal Pokemon aren’t slacking in Pokemon Violet and Scarlet.


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Normal-type Pokémon often get dismissed by average Pokémon fans, but in Pokémon Violet and Scarlet, their strengths are highlighted. Many hardcore, competitive players know the true strength of Normal-type Pokémon. With so many old and new Normal-types around Paldea to choose from, let’s go through the best options. Gym Leader Larry isn’t the only trainer who can appreciate this powerful type.

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10) Oinkologne

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Oinkologne is one of those rare Pokémon that evolves a little differently depending on their gender. If you need a more heavy-hitting Normal Pokémon, go for the male Oinkologne. On the flip side, female Oinkologne is a better Special Defense tank. Otherwise, Oinkologne is great for having a bunch of move options while also being easy to find around Paldea.

9.) Ursaring

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A classic “cute to killer” evolution, Ursaring has a host of stat-boosting Abilities up for grabs (Guts, Quick Feet), and is only weak to Fighting Pokémon. With a high Attack stat, you have quite a bit of versatility in their moves, from Ghost to Dark, Ground to Fighting. While not the strongest Normal, they are very well-rounded, so a Ursaring can fill a lot of holes in your Pokémon team.

8.) Cyclizar

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For people sad about not being able to use Miraidon and Koraidon early on, here’s the next best option: Cyclizar. This Dragon and Normal-type Pokémon also cycles around the map, just like the legendary Pokémon, but is far more accessible than the other two. Other highlights include their Abilities where, like a few real-life lizards, Cyclizar regenerates. Also, unsurprisingly, they have astounding Speed. If you need a speedster on your team, Cyclizar is a perfect option.

7.) Pyroar

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As a Pokémon, Pyroar has a lot of similarities to an Electric-type all-star, Luxray. They both are dual-typed felines that rely a lot on self-confident Abilities. However, where Luxray is all about Attack stats, Pyrorar prefers Special Attack. That makes Pyroar the perfect Pokémon to get the most out of powerful Fire and Normal-type moves like Overheat, Hyper Beam, Flare Blitz, and Hyper Voice.

6.) Arboliva

Image via Game Freak

This new Pokémon Violet and Scarlet creature, straight from Paldea, is an adorable little olive tree. Its powers make it pretty threatening, though. For example, Arboliva’s Ability Harvest gives the Pokémon a chance to regenerate its held berry indefinitely. That can have a serious impact on the course of a fight. Also, Arboliva has amazing Special Attack and Special Defense stats, so its Grass and Normal-type moves will do extra damage.

5.) Braviary

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This Black and White era Pokémon seems bland on the surface, being a Normal and Flying-type, two very overlooked typings. However, they are immune to both Ghost and Ground Pokémon, and also have multiple Attack-boosting Abilities, like Sheer Force and Defiant. Fittingly, Braviary’s HP and Attack are its best stats, so use this aggressive bird to its best potential.

4.) Farigiraf

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A mix of Normal and Psychic-type, this Paldean evolution of Girafarig is a more powerful Pokémon than you might expect. Farigiraf gets the benefits of both Normal and Psychic moves while also having a high Special Attack stat. Also, Garafarig is a fairly common Pokémon in the wilds, so getting a Farigiraf is pretty easy for any Normal-type lovers.

3.) Dudunsparce

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While Dudunsparce is visually and conceptually silly, this wiggly little worm has a few surprises up its lack of sleeves. To start, Dudunsparce has solid HP and Attack stats, as well as Abilities like Serene Grace that can double the chance of secondary effects. Also, Dudunsparce can innately learn the most potent normal-type move in the game: Boomburst. No wonder Gym Leader Larry loves this goofy non-Bug-type bug.

2.) Blissey

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Though Blissey looks like a sweetheart, they can pack a serious punch. Their HP stat is absolutely ridiculous. For context, Wailord — y’know, the giant whale — only has 170 base HP. Blissey, on the other hand, has 255. This Fairy-type is even tied for the highest health with the legendary Pokémon Eturnus of all creatures. Blissey is a perfect tank of a Pokémon and a great addition to any team.

1.) Slaking

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Ever since Slaking’s reveal in Pokémon Sapphire and Diamond, he’s always been one of the most heavy-hitting Pokémon in the franchise. If you want a Pokémon with abnormally high HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, and even Speed stats, Slaking is king. Get yourself an Adamant Slaking with Hammer Arm and Giga Impact and you’ll decimate the competition.