The 5 best games starring Mickey Mouse, ranked

What do you think is the best way to game with your favorite mouse?

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After the release of Disney Dreamlight Valley, fans became interested in other Disney gaming delights throughout the years. Whether it’s for nostalgia or to find a new old game to play, there are quite a few amazing titles out there that star your Disney favorites, like the big mouse himself. If you want to know about the best Mickey Mouse games out there, check out this selection, from great to the absolute best.

Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse

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If you love to adventure your way through old Disney cartoons, look no further: Mickey Mania is a fun platformer that takes you through Mickey classics like Steamboat Willie and The Prince and the Pauper. The gameplay offers a variety of thrilling challenges, puzzles, and jump tricks, so it became a positive hit with reviewers. Kick the mad scientist’s butt and make your Mickey experience truly timeless.

World of Illusion

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In the Illusion series, Mickey goes through a side-scrolling adventure to rescue himself or others from frightening, fantastical lands. In this entry, he and Donald are sucked into a magical world where they must face Wonderland, Atlantis, and Agrabah-inspired levels to find their way back home. This game really helped set the standard for Disney games to combine previous, popular properties into intertwined games, which would later help inspire world-mashing games like Kingdom Hearts, Epic Mickey, and Dreamlight Valley.

The Magical Quest

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This game takes Mickey (and Minnie, depending on what version you have) on a quest to help save Pluto from the evil Emperor Pete. And yes, we realize he does look like a strange Bowser version of Pete — it’s part of the aesthetic. As an adventure, The Magical Quest does a great job of being a fun, colorful, engaging experience. However, it is a bit old, so saving isn’t really a thing. If you manage to port the game to work for modern platforms, be careful of that.

Castle of Illusion (original and remake)

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Face the evil witch Mizrabel and save Minnie Mouse from her clutches. The first game in the “Illusion” series, this side-scroller was a fun, inventive Mickey adventure that blended classic Disney fairytale ideas with the thrill of a rescue adventure. This game was so popular that in 2013, Sega released an HD remake. So, if you can, enjoy all the fun of the simple game but with the pleasant modern graphics that can make it feel all the more magical.

Epic Mickey

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With a concept unlike any other, Epic Mickey is a gorgeous game. Even if you don’t fall in love with the unique gameplay, the paint-blot, drippy, and inspiring designs are unforgettable. Epic Mickey brings Mickey Mouse forward in a meta-story about forgotten stories and the power of art. A little darker than most Mickey Mouse stories, Epic Mickey’s one-of-a-kind direction makes it an incomparable tale. Every hardcore Mickey Mouse fan should take the time to experience this game above all others. Moreover, it’s clear that Dreamlight Valley took some of its dark inspiration from this iconic game.