The 5 tips you need to know to on how to get Stubs in MLB The Show 22

Get that grind going.

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If you’re new to MLB The Show and MLB The Show 22, get acquainted with Stubs. Stubs are the virtual currency used in MLB The Show and are used to buy packs, player cards, sponsorships for Franchise mode, and equipment that can be used for Road to the Show, amongst other items. But in order to get Stubs — and fast — in MLB The Show 22, you should be mindful of some things. Here are five tips that you should know before grinding for Stubs in MLB The Show 22.

Work on the Featured Programs

First off, make sure to check out the Featured Program. Each time-limited Featured Program usually features a number of Stub rewards. Additionally, these Programs also generally have boss items as Player rewards. Some of these are untradeable, but others can be sold via the Marketplace. If you don’t need any of those excess items received from the Featured Program, perhaps listing those can help out with the grind.

Grind in Conquests

Conquests are another way that users can get some Stubs. In each Conquest, users can take over a map in order to find all the non-hidden and hidden rewards. Plus, each Conquest also has a series of goals. Most of the time, completing any of these goals usually results in a small bonus of Stubs. Don’t expect too many Stubs from playing Conquest, unless you pull something big from a pack. If that’s the case, then you might want to go to the Marketplace.

Work the market

Speaking of the Marketplace, this destination can be quite helpful for the grind. If you want to work the market, make sure to limit the losses on bought items. Make sure that if you do buy something, it will be used. But more importantly, always sell at a profit.

When buying and selling the market, you should look for items that can be moved for a net gain. For example, look for cards, like players and equipment items, that can be purchased affordably via a Buy Order. Then, once the order is executed, list it for a profit. Also, look in your collections for cards that either have no Sell Orders or ones that are very high. In a lot of cases, Common or Bronze players can go for as high as 1,000-2,000 Stubs, just because very few of a particular item can be found on the market.

Be mindful of the 10% tax on the market, though. This will cut into some of that profit from a sale.

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Collections, collections, collections

Collections are another way to recoup some Stubs. While you will need to spend some Stubs in order to complete collections, these do provide a nice boost in the wallet. Each collection usually provides either packs, Stubs, or both as a reward. MLB The Show 22 features a litany of different collections, ranging from team-themed collections to stadiums, and even equipment. And, completing MLB Live Series collections do provide special players as rewards. Those players can be very useful in constructing a free-to-play roster and avoid spending Stubs until needed.

Don’t forget about Mini Seasons

Mini Seasons is a great mode for grinding Stubs for MLB The Show 22. Not only does Mini Seasons yield rewards upon playing each game, but goals in this mode also provide for some juicy bonuses. There are a number of goals that can be completed once per cycle, while others can be done repeatedly. In fact, users can receive 2,000 Stubs as a bonus for making it to the Championship, and an additional 10,000 Stubs for winning the title.