The Best Spell Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links (2021)

Let’s take a look at some very meta-relevant Spell Cards.

There are many powerful Spell Cards available in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. However, it’s important to note that some strong Spells, such as Cards of Consonance and Noble Knight Equip cards, are archetype-specific and have no relevance in other decks. Other Spells, on the other hand, fit in multiple different builds and have a strong effect on the current metagame.

The latter are the ones that we’re focusing on here, and if you’re wondering which Spells in Duel Links are both powerful and usable in multiple builds, we’ve got you covered. Let’s go over our picks for the best Spell Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links.

Cosmic Cyclone

Let’s start with the Quick-Play Spell card, Cosmic Cyclone. Cosmic Cyclone, which can be used either straight from the hand during the controller’s turn, or set on the field, can banish one Spell or Trap card in exchange for 1000 LP. On the surface, it seems like a harsh cost, considering that players only have 4000 LP at the start of the duel. In reality, though, the cost is not bad, especially if you run an OTK (one-turn kill) deck and don’t care about the Life Points.

Since there are many Trap Cards, such as Paleozoic Canadia and Karma Cut, in Duel Links that can blow up a game, it’s vital in some cases to have the ability to remove one, especially when it’s immediately set onto the board. And since it’s a Quick-Play Spell, it can also be activated during the opposition’s turn, making it a powerful counter.

Forbidden Lance

We now move to another Quick-Play Spell, Forbidden Lance. Forbidden Lance, when activated, allows the controller to target any one Monster on the field, and when selected, that card will lose 800 ATK for the rest of the turn. That targeted Monster, however, will be unaffected by other Spells and Traps for the rest of the turn.

Forbidden Lance comes in handy for two reasons. One, Lance can be used on an opponent’s monster and lower the ATK of it, thus making it easier to take out with an attack. Alternatively, Forbidden Lance can also be used on your own monster, with the intent of protecting it from the opposition’s cards. For example, if the opponent uses Karma Cut on one of your Monsters, Lance can protect it from being banished.

Hey, Trunade!

Hey, Trunade! is a less powerful version of Giant Trunade, banned in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. When activated, Hey, Trunade! returns all set Spell and Traps to the controller’s hand. This card is ideal for OTK decks, such as Cyber Dragons, that rely on setting up quickly and finishing the game in one foul swoop.

There are, however, some limitations on this card. Hey, Trunade! wrecked havoc on the Duel Links metagame when it first launched, and Konami responded by making it a Limited 2 card. It’s still very good, particularly if you run Destiny Draw and can guarantee yourself to draw it, but it’s not as powerful as it was in the past.

Galaxy Cyclone

Galaxy Cyclone is a Normal Spell Card with two powerful effects, one that goes off right away, and another that can be activated shortly after that. The first effect of Galaxy Cyclone is pretty straight-forward: target one set Spell or Trap on the field and destroy it. Its second effect can be used during the controller’s Main Phase, except during the turn it was originally activated. When in the GY, it can target and destroy one face-up Spell or Trap on the field.

This card can be very useful against all decks, but particularly good against builds (i.e., Desperado Barrel Dragon, Cyber Dragon) that utilize face-up Spells and Traps.

Enemy Controller

Enemy Controller is not only a powerful Spell Card in Duel Links, but it’s also one of the easiest cards to obtain. This Quick-Play Spell card, which is sometimes affectionally referred to as ‘E-Con,’ has two effects:

  • Target one face-up monster on the field that belongs to the opponent, and shift its position
  • Tribute one monster on your side of the field, and take control of one monster that your opponent controls for the remainder of the turn

Both effects are quite powerful, particularly in the lower ranks of Duel Links. Not only can you prevent a wipe-out attack from the opposition, but E-Con also provides the user with the option to take control of an opponent’s monster and either use it on the player or use it in a Tribute Summon. While it has lost some of its lusters in recent years thanks to more powerful archetypes, Enemy Controller still maintains relevancy in the Duel Links metagame.

Mystical Space Typhoon

We’ve already touched on Cosmic Cyclone and Galaxy Cyclones, two Spells that pop backrow. Both have been substitutes to Mystical Space Typhoon, one of the oldest backrow removal cards out there. Mystical Space Typhoon, or otherwise known as MST, was absent from Duel Links for years until 2021. But now that it’s in the game, you need to add copies to your collection.

It’s effect is straight-forward: destroy a face-up or face-down Spell or Trap on the field. This card does not have the LP cost that Cosmic Cyclone does, nor it is a regular Spell like Galaxy Cyclone. MST can be used either on your or the opponent’s turn, making it a powerful weapon in Duel Links.

Book of Moon

Book of Moon is a relatively new cards to Duel Links, and it has a straightforward effect. When activated, the controller can target one face-up monster on the field and shift it to a face-down Defense Position.

Book of Moon can be a game-changer, as it can shut down any Monsters that have Ignition effects (i.e., effects that can be activated once per turn), and also prevent the opposition from Synchro or Xyz Summon from the Extra Deck. Since at least two face-up monsters are required for a Synchro or Xyz Summon, Book of Moon can turn one of those cards upside down and prevent that from happening.

Swallow’s Nest

Swallow’s Nest is a Quick-Play Spell Card, and while it is a bit archetype-specific, it can be used in a variety of different builds. With this card, players can tribute one face-up Winged Beast monster, and then Special Summon one other Winged Beast monster from your deck that has the same level as the tributed monster.

While this card certainly won’t work in a Blue-Eyes build, it will work for meta-relevant decks like Harpies and Blackwings, both of which utilize Winged Beast. This card can be very useful to thin the deck, as well as switch out cards that have differing effects.

Power of the Guardians

Arguably the most powerful Equip Spell Card in Duel Links is not a Noble Arms card, but Power of the Guardians. When equipped to a Monster, one Spell Counter can be placed on Power of the Guardians when an attack is declared involving the equipped monster. That’s important for two reasons — Monster equipped to the card gains 500 ATK and DEF times the number of Spell Counters on it. Additionally, one Spell Counter can be removed from Power of the Guardians, should the equipped Monster be destroyed by battle or a card effect, to prevent said Monster from being popped.

This card can be extremely tricky for players to deal with, as it increases ATK and provides a layer of protection for the equipped Monster. Those two effects are a big reason why it gets a lot of play in Duel Links.