Tears of the Kingdom – How to Find & Beat All Gleeoks

Gleeoks return to the Zelda series in Tears of the Kingdom, and it’s once more down to Link to defeat them while exploring Hyrule.


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Tears of the Kingdom maintains several vital elements fans loved from Breath of the Wild. Still, it would be unfair to say the game doesn’t bring something new. Or, in this case, bring something back from an even older title. In Tears of the Kingdom, players will run into an enemy worse than Lynels — the Gleeoks. These three-headed dragons will electrify, frost, and roast Link until players beat them or rage quit.

** This Guide is currently in progress, and will continue to update as new info becomes available**

This guide explains what Gleeoks are, how to beat them, and lists every location they can be found, fought, and killed.

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All Gleeok Locations & Types

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The table below lists every type of Gleeok players can encounter while exploring Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom. The location of each one is also included alongside their various weaknesses, which players must take advantage of if they want to have any hope of beating these enemies in combat.

Thunder Gleeok
ThunderWindColiseum Ruins –
-1152, -1261, 0046
Ibara Butte –
1106, -3603, 0069
South Akkala Highlands –
3424, 1324, 0337
Flame Gleeok
FireIceBridge of Hylia –
-0040, -2508, 0039
Gerudo Canyon –
-2118, -2634, 0400
Ancient Columns –
-3631, 0416, 0259
Frost Gleeok
IceFireGerudo Summit –
-4018, -0967, 0707
Hebra Mountains –
-3744, 2892, 0331
Tabanath Tundra –
-1826, 2997, 0240

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Gleeok Locations Map

Below is a map of Hyrule showing all Gleeok locations. The color of the arrows indicated the element of the Gleeok.

  • Red = Fire
  • Blue = Frost
  • Yellow = Lightning
All gleeok locations totk
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All King Gleeok Locations

King Gleeoks are much more ferocious than regular Gleeoks as each of the three heads is its own element. Players must come ready to deal with Fire, Frost, and Lightning to take down this beast.

king gleeok totk
King Gleeok
Fire, Frost, & LightningEach head is weak to a different element. Fire is weak to Water, Frost is weak to Fire, and Lightning is weak to Wind.West Hebra Sky Archipelago
-4470, 2175, 1252
Above Eventide Island
4652, -3827, 1065
East Gerudo Sky Archipelago
-4474, 2282, 1246

King Gleeok Locations Map

All King Gleeoks are found on Sky Islands, and their exact locations are marked with purple arrows on the map below.

totk king gleeok locations

How to Defeat Gleeoks – Best Strategies

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Gleeoks are colossal hydra-like enemies that tower over Link, and most players who encounter them won’t be able to take them on until much later in the game. When Link does encounter a Gleeok, the best strategy for fighting them is avoiding their long-range attacks by soaring over or around their heads, then using arrows to hit those heads.

A successful strategy that seems to be working for several players is building a flying machine with Zonai Devices. They will kit out a Zonai Wing with Zonai Heads, Beam Emitters, Cannons, and fans to circle the Gleeok, taking shots of their own where they can.

To make the fight easier, players can glide towards a Gleeok and aim with elemental arrows that the Gleeok is weak to, maximizing the damage dealt with these initial hits. It’s also worth equipping the correct armor for each Gleeok to avoid as much damage as possible, such as fire-resistant armor for the Flame Gleeok and frost-resistant armor for the Frost Gleeok.

By shooting all three heads quickly, the Gleeok will be stunned and fall to the ground, where Link can pummel it with his most powerful weapon. Repeat this strategy until the Gleeok has been defeated.

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What is a Gleeok?

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Gleeoks are the multi-headed menace of The Legend of Zelda. They are snarling, hissing beasts with necks that seem to go on forever and will stop at nothing to thwart Link’s quest. Their razor-sharp teeth and elemental breath make for one formidable foe. These scaly monsters have become a staple of the series, instilling fear in players since their debut. Now, Tears of the Kingdom has brought them back.

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