Tears of the Kingdom – How to Find & Complete Kyokugon Shrine

The Kyokugon Shrine is one of the many shrine scattered across Hyrule, and this guide shows you how to complete it.


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There are tons of shrines to find and complete in Tears of the Kingdom, including The Kyokugon Shrine, which will reward players with a Light of Blessing as some extra goodies like weapons, armor, or materials to aid them on their journey.

Tracking down The Kyokugon Shrine can be tricky, and the challenge itself can be confusing, too if you don’t know where to start. This guide explains where to find The Kyokugon Shrine, and how to solve the puzzle you’ll find inside.

Where to Find The Kyokugon Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

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You can find the Kyokugon Shrine underneath the Great Plateau inside the Great Plateau Foothil Cave. You’ll find the cave on the northern side of the Plateau and should see some Restoration materials and Addison holding a sign out the front of the cave.

To get to the shrine, you’ll need to bash your way through a few rock walls, so make sure you have a hammer weapon by fusing a rock onto a weapon, and start making your way through. After clearing the first load of rocks, you’ll find some Horriblins and materials like Brightbloom seeds, so be sure to grab those and deal with the enemies before moving on.

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Next, you’ll want to take a slight detour and destroy the blue rocks on the right side of the cavern, as you’ll find a Bubbulfrog inside and can grab its Bubbel Gem by shooting it with some arrows. There isn’t anything else in here, so it’s a quick and easy find.

Finally, you’ll want to smash your way through the big black rock wall at the end of the cavern, and you’ll find the shrine on the other side.

How to Complete the Alignment of the Circles Shrine

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Once you have entered the Kyokugon Shrine, go up the stairs, and you’ll find yourself in a large open room. When you look out into the room, you’ll see ten ball ports laid out on various levels, and four balls ready to be deposited. This is where it got a bit confusing for us since there aren’t enough balls for each port, and at first glance, there is no discernable hint as to what to do.

You’ll want to look up at the ceiling, and on the watery roof, you will see four greenish circles that are positioned right above the ball ports. Grab each ball, and place one in each port beneath a circle. These are the top left, bottom left, center right, and middle right ports. After that, the door will open and lead you to the exit.

Before you finish the shrine, Kyokugon Shrine, walk through the gate and look to your right, and you’ll see another closed gate with a chest behind it and a ball to the right side. In this room, look up to the ceiling again, and you’ll see another circle but no ball ports.

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Use the Ultrahand ability, and you’ll see a square you can move out of the floor, and underneath, you’ll find a port. Drop the ball into the port to open the gate, and grab yourself a Hearty Elixir, then head to the end of the shrine to get your Light of Blessing and be on your way.

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