Tears of the Kingdom – Zonai Battery Charge Upgrades

Zonai Batteries charge all of the Zonai devices you use in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and this guide shares how to get more.

The Zonai Battery is a tool that you’ll frequently use while playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. You use them to power any of the Zonai devices you find during your travels, giving you access to vehicles, and assisting you in solving puzzles.

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You only have one Zonai Battery Charge when you first begin playing Tears of the Kingdom. However, you can expand on these charges, so your Zonai devices can last longer. This guide covers how you can increase the amount of Zonai Battery Charges you get in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to Get More Zonai Battery Charges in Tears of the Kingdom

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There’s only one way to unlock additional Zonai Battery Charges, and that’s by speaking with a Zonai Construct at a Crystal Refinery. These can appear in several locations in Tears of the Kingdom, and one of the first ones you can find is outside Lookout Landing, at the center of the Central Hyrule region.

When you’re starting out in Tears of the Kingdom, this is a good location to speak with one of the Zonai Constructs that can help you with these upgrades. Speak to them, and they’ll be willing to give you an additional Zonai Battery Charge, but only if you have 100 Crystallized Charges. These are unique items you can find by trading other Zonai Constructs that you can find at Forges and offering them Zonaite.

Where to Get Zonaite in Tears of the Kingdom

Zonaite is a type of mineral that you can find in specific rocks that have a black and green hue to them. You can typically find them in Underground Caverns, which are some dangerous locations. You can break these Zonaite deposits using blunt weapons, which make short work of them.

You’ll collect a small handful every time you break a Tears of the Kingdom Zonaite deposit. When you have at least three, bring them to a Zonai Mining forge, and you’ll find multiple Crystallized Charges on the table.

Where to Get Crystallized Charges in Tears of the Kingdom

The first cluster of Crystalized Charges we found inside the Mining Cave on the Great Sky Island. There were several Zonai Mining Constructs working at the end of the tunnel. When we approached the Crystallized Charges at the table, the Zonai offered to trade us one of those Charges for three Zonaite.

After purchasing what we could, we left, and after a decent amount of time, more Crystallized Charges returned for us to purchase from the table. They do not reappear immediately, but they do respawn, which means you can return to this location in the future or find other locations. The exchange rate is likely the same in other The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom locations.

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