Tower of Fantasy APK download link – Where to download the Tower of Fantasy APK

Plenty of ways to install the new game.

Image via Hotta Studio

Mobile games have grown bigger and better over the years. One such game that is taking the mobile gaming world by storm is Tower of Fantasy. This new mobile game was released by Hotta Studio and Level Infinite, and is an open-world exploration and gacha game, with intense combat, a great look, and a fascinating story.

Not only does the game have a release on Android and iOS, but there is a viable PC port from the start as well. As such, some players are curious about where and how to find the APK file for Tower of Fantasy. Luckily, we have prepared a guide with all the relevant links that you might need to find and install the APK file for Tower of Fantasy.

What is an APK file?

APK stands for Android Package (or fully, Android Package Kit) and is a format used by Android-based systems to distribute and install apps on mobile devices. It is also sometimes called AAP, standing for Android Application Package. These files can be used to circumvent using an app such as the Google Play Store to install a mobile app. Most would use it in conjunction with their PC, or with an Android management app.

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Where to find the Tower of Fantasy APK file?

There are various websites that you can use to find APK files for many apps, including the Tower of Fantasy game. We have tried and tested the following link so that you can safely use it if you want to download the APK for Tower of Fantasy:

Screenshot by Gamepur

How to install the Tower of Fantasy APK file

To install the APK file from your PC, you would need to install an Android emulator software (such as LDPLayer or BlueStacks). From there, you would choose that program’s option for APK installation from the main menu and follow the onscreen instructions while keeping the downloaded APK file handy for when it’s needed.

To install the APK file from your Android device, you would have to navigate to your download folder and tap on the APK file, then choose Install. From there, your device will give you prompts to follow until the APK is fully installed.