Tower of Fantasy OBB download link – Where to download the Tower of Fantasy OBB

Everything you need to know about OBBs.

Image via Hotta Studio

Mobile games are not just a simple pastime anymore. They’ve grown into serious games, and their file sizes and features have grown along with them. A game that fits this description perfectly is Hotta Studio and Level Infinite’s Tower of Fantasy. Reminiscent of the smash hit Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy also has a big open world to explore, with plenty of characters to discover and collect, and a huge story to unravel. Released on both Android and iOS, the game has also been ported to the PC from the start. As such, the players immediately expected the game to have some extra goodies in the form of OBB files, and this guide will explain what OBB files are and where to find the Tower of Fantasy OBB files.

What are the OBB files?

OBB files are a kind of expansion file for an Android app that collects all of the data that is not stored in an APK file. This data are the files that the app does not deem to be ‘essential’, meaning that those would usually be large graphics files, media, assets, and similar. Sometimes, OBB files are used as a way to install mods to mobile games. As such, OBB files are usually stored within the mobile device’s shared storage space, instead of the usual app storage folder.

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Where to find the Tower of Fantasy OBB file?

At the time of writing of this guide, the OBB files for the Tower of Fantasy have not been released separately. This might mean that all of the OBB files that the game might need are already part of the game’s APK, or that the relevant OBB files will be released at a later date, as the game develops and grows. We will update this section accordingly when that happens.

How to install the Tower of Fantasy OBB file

To install the OBB files, you will need to connect your mobile device with a PC or laptop. With everything prepared, follow these steps:

  1. Download the OBB file on the PC or laptop.
  2. Extract the OBB file.
  3. Copy the OBB file folder onto the following path: SD Card > Android > Data. Note that if you can’t find this path, you will have to create it manually.
  4. After everything has been copied, disconnect the mobile device from the PC or laptop.
  5. Run the Tower of Fantasy APK file.