Veteran Dead Space fans can’t wait for the return of the most terrifying enemy

It takes steel nerves to take down this Necromorph foe.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Dead Space remake developed by Motive Studio offers an opportunity for veteran players to return to a game from 2008 with heavily updated graphics and smoother gameplay. Newcomers to the series are in for a scary treat as they embark on the USG Ishimura and fight against the zombie-like Necromorphs. However, returning players have a general idea of the plot and gameplay, with many of them looking forward to fighting against one of the series’ most terrifying enemies: the Regenerator.

The Regenerator is one the most brutal enemies for Dead Space players to face off against. What makes this enemy type unique from the other Necromorphs is that it can quickly regrow its limbs back, no matter how many times they are shot or blasted off. It keeps pursuing players until it catches them, or the player can effectively escape.

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Traditionally, the Necromorphs in Dead Space are defeated by having their body parts chopped or shot off. The Regenerator lives up to its name, making it a difficult challenge to overcome, forcing players to find explosives to dispatch it completely. The only way to defeat these fearsome foes is by causing an explosion and destroying every part of this monster to ensure it cannot regenerate any further — not so easy when a player’s frantically running down a dimly lit hallway.

Players have effective strategies to deal with a Regenerator, such as using one of the unique abilities in the game, Statis. That ability lets players slow it down before cutting off its legs, flinging objects at it, or using the creature’s slow speed to maneuver around it.

It’s an exciting encounter for fans of the series and proves to be a complicated problem to solve in a survival-horror title. Veterans of the Dead Space game can look forward to taking on this elite foe once again, and anyone playing the game for the first time can see what creative strategies they come up with to finally take down this challenging foe.