What are the robot girls’ names in Atomic Heart?

It depends on the type of robot.


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There are many different types of robots in Atomic Heart, but only a few have been deliberately designed to be female instead of male or another gender. This guide outlines what all the robot girls’ names are in the game. It won’t help you fight them, but at least you can identify them.

What are the names of all the robot girls in Atomic Heart?

There are a few robot girls in Atomic Heart, so we’ve listed them all here with their names and how you encounter them in the game. Some are enemies, but others will assist you in your journey. You’d be wise to pay attention to these details because you might trigger hostility in a friendly robot if you just attack without thinking.

The Twins: Left and Right

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The Twins are Sechenov’s right and left guard robots. They are with him at all times to protect him from any danger. They’re called Left and Right, which are demeaning names Sechenov has given them because, as you’ll learn in the game, he doesn’t respect anyone or anything other than himself. Left is the robot on the left in the image above that gives you the key, and Right is the robot on the right in the image above wearing the golden jacket. You fight Left twice in the game, but the final boss, The Twins, sees you battle them as a duo.

When you battle The Twins, Sechenov reveals that P-3’s wife’s mind was preserved before her death and split between these robots. It makes it difficult for P-3 to fight them, though he ultimately does destroy them if you choose to hunt and kill Sechenov.


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Nora is the AI personality of the red weapon and ability vending machines you’ll use throughout the game. After your initial encounter with her, which is quite aggressive, you’ll meet Nora a few times over the course of the story. She won’t be as intense as this initial meeting, but there are follow-ups that are equally as notable later on.

Tereshkova robots and Claire

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The Tereshkova robots are the friendlier version of the more common Lab-Techs that you fight almost everywhere. They have silver hair on their head and were built to resemble a famous star in Atomic Heart’s world. Even this woman’s voice was used across all Tereshkova robots. While most of these robots are simply called Tereshkova, one is specifically called Claire. You need to rebuild Claire as part of the game’s story in order to access a deeper part of an exhibition.


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This robot is one of Atomic Heart’s main bosses, and she is huge. The robot is designed to be used in combat, killing humans specifically. This is somewhat of a revelation to P-3 when you get to this point because all robots are meant to have been designed to help humans, not hurt them.