What do Ringtail Slime statues do in Slime Rancher 2?

A unique type of statue.

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There are multiple types of slimes that you can find all over Slime Rancher 2. One of the more difficult-to-find versions of the Slime is the Ringtail Slime. It’s a slime that resembles a raccoon and is equally mischievous and capable of getting into trouble. However, players have been noticing Ringtail Slime statues around their island, and they can’t do anything with them. What do Ringtail Slime statues do in Slime Rancher 2?

What are the Ringtail Slime statues in Slime Rancher 2?

The Ringtail Slime statues are actually the Ringtail Slimes themselves. This happens to them during the day, preventing them from becoming their true form. If you see a Ringtail Slime statue, it’s of an actual Ringtail Slime. They will transform into their slime form when it becomes dark out, and there is no more daylight around them. This is why you should house any Ringtail Slime in a corral inside a cave or any that has protected walls at your base.

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When nighttime arrives, the Ringtail Slime returns to its natural form. It will move around like every other slime and consume everything in its path. You don’t want to let one loose in your garden, or in your Hen Hen corral.

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When you capture Ringtail Slime and add them to a corral, keep an eye on their food supply. They will be eating food even after they’re full, and if they continue to consume food after reaching their limit, they stop producing plorts. It’s one of the unique things about Ringtail Slime, meaning you want to make sure you’re feeding them sparingly and not at a regular rate. You want to make sure they don’t eat everything from their feeder, but they have enough to produce a healthy amount of plorts.

Screenshot by Gamepur