What does each stat do in Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX?

DEF, INT, POW — What does it all mean?

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Training your monsters properly in Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX can easily soar you to S rank. When raising your monster, you need to be aware of their different stats at all times. There are eight stats attached to your monster. These six stats can be raised through training.

Name of StatWhat does it do?
Defense (DEF)Determines the amount of damage your monster takes from a hit.
Intelligence (INT)Used for magic-based attacks. The higher your INT, the more damage that magic attack does. Having a high intelligence stat is critical in having successful expeditions. The higher your intelligence is, the higher chance your monster will find a rare item. Having a high intelligence also lowers the chance of your monster getting lost during expeditions.
Life (LIF)Your monster’s health.
Power (POW)How much damage your monster does. This skill is also used in expeditions.
Skill (SKI)Affects the chance of an attack landing. This stat is also used to overcome certain obstacles in expeditions.
Speed (SPD)Increases the chance of dodging an attack.

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Outside of these six stats, there’s also Fame and Loyalty/Trust. Unlike the named statistics above, these cannot be leveled through training.

Fame is gained by doing good in tournaments. Getting first place gives a giant boost in a monster’s Fame, while getting second only increases it slightly. Your fame can get deceased if you lose in tournaments or participate in lower-rank tourneys. Having a high level of fame will have events occur like getting fan mail. In Monster Rancher 2, you will need a certain amount of Fame to unlock some expeditions.

Loyalty is your monster’s bond with you. To raise this stat, you’ll need to treat your monster properly, so giving it good food every month and praising it when it does a good job will make you and your monster become closer. High loyalty means that the monster will listen to you and your commands during battle. Having low loyalty means your monster won’t listen to you, leading to you losing a battle.