What does Hard Mode change in Metroid Dread?

What makes Hard Mode live up to its name?

Screenshot by Gamepur

The challenge found in Metroid Dread has been a notable topic of discussion among players, with many considering it the most difficult game in the series. But if you thought that Normal Mode was a struggle to get through, wait until you play on its hardest difficulty setting.

We previously covered the steps needed to unlock Hard Mode in Metroid Dread. Knowing how to unlock it is a start, but once it’s available, is it worth playing through the game again to experience it? That’s up to you; everyone has their own standards of difficulty and their own definitions of what’s fun or frustrating. If you found enough of a challenge in the Normal Mode, don’t worry that you may be missing out on new content because Hard Mode doesn’t offer any. 

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What it does offer is a surprisingly simple twist that’s enough to make a Hard Mode run feel different than your first. Hard Mode in Metroid Dread gives enemies more health while also increasing the damage they deal to Samus. The change might seem very small, but with combat in the game already being enough to keep you on your toes, it’s going to ensure that all enemies and bosses pose a greater threat.