What does Wolfscent do in Fortnite? Answered

We’re hungry like the wolf.

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Every year, Fortnite adds a host of new abilities and equipment to its Fortnitemares event. In 2022, the event added the Howler Claws equipment, which can be used to rip your opponents apart. However, that isn’t the most interesting thing to come from this equipment. Equipping the Howler Claws gives players access to the Wolfscent ability, which can completely change the way you approach a match. Not sure what the Wolfscent ability in Fortnite does? Here is everything you need to know.

What does Wolfscent do in Fortnite?

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Wolfscent is an ability that comes with the new Howler Claws Mythic weapon, which can be obtained at one of the Alteration Alters scattered around the map. Once they’re equipped, players can activate the Wolfscent ability to help them track down nearby opponents. When the ability is active, Wolfscent causes other players to become visible, even if they are behind structures or otherwise out of sight.

The ability remains active for a short period of time and then goes into a 20-second cooldown phase before it can be used again. Activating Wolfscent at the right time can give players a huge tactical advantage. This is a great way for players to stalk and hunt their opponents; some of the challenges reward bonus XP for hitting other players while Wolfscent is active. It can also be used defensively, giving players the chance to evade their enemy until they find the perfect time to strike.

How you use this powerful new ability is up to you, but it certainly changes many of the tactics available to players in Fortnite. Players can also equip the new Explosive Goo Gun to allow them to inflict maximum damage to enemies and structures. Between these two new weapons, Fortnitemares 2022 has already given players plenty of fun new toys to play with.