What is changing in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Patch 11.23?

Bring out the colossus!

Image via Riot Games

Two weeks into Teamfight Tactics’ (TFT) Set 6 and Gizmos and Gadgets has been a success. However, as Riot Games does, it’s time for a patch and to shake things up. So, which of your favorites are safe, and which builds do you need to leave behind in Patch 11.22? Here’s our very quick overview to give you a general idea of what’s up.


The developers noticed that quite a few builds dominated the early game and they wanted to make them more balanced. For example, it became a trend for people to build Mercenaries early, lose and get some money, and then use that cash to pivot into a completely different, devastating build. Since Mercs were intended to be high risk, high reward, they’ve made early Mercs less potent.

Other traits got nerfed but they will still remain powerful builds, like Academy and Innovators. While the trait itself got an overall nerf, their carries (Katarina, Yone, Fiora, Leona, Orianna, etc.) are still fairly strong, if not stronger in this patch.

Class/Origin nerfs: Mercs, Enforcers, Bruisers, Academy, Innovator

Unit nerfs: Ezreal, Swain, Samira, Trundle, Gangplank, Miss Fortune, Dr. Mundo, Yone, Jayce, Jinx, Tahm Kench, Yuumi


During the first Patch, the TFT team was underwhelmed by Bodyguards and Colossus traits in particular. They want these kinds of front-lines to be viable, so they’ve both gotten notable buffs to try to make all kinds of tanks worth your time. All these trait buffs will make units like Sion, Orianna, Kog’Maw, and Cho’Gath even scarier.

Class/Origin buffs: Bodyguards, Imperial, Colossus, Clockwork, Mutant, Sniper

Unit buffs: Singed, Ziggs, Katarina, Kog’Maw, Galio

Overview and predictions

Overall, Patch 11.23 is a perfect example of shaking up the meta just enough to tip the scales. Since many high-cost units have been nerfed, there might be a large shift to earlier game builds and units. So, reroll fans might just be about to hit the meta of their dreams.

With all these changes, the best builds are bound to change. So, here are some of our predictions of how the current meta will evolve:

Stronger builds: Academy Assassins, Syndicate Assassins, Mutant Protectors, Academy Challengers, Mutant Colossus, Imperial Colossus, Yordles

Weaker builds: Bruiser Twinshots, Merc Twinshots, Imperial Challengers, Scrap Enforcers

There is some Hextech Augment tweaking this to make sure that people don’t get inappropriate items or get early-game augments near the end of the game, but they’re mostly just balancing adjustments, nothing major. Similarly, most of the item tweaking is for augment-related Ornn items, not the main items themselves.

Finally, Double Up is officially joining the TFT line-up as its first co-op mode. So, grab your friends and double up.