What is Direct Storage in Forspoken? What does Direct Storage do

Insanely fast.

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Forspoken is a beautiful open-world RPG set in the world of Athia exclusively for the PlayStation 5 and PC. With its beefy requirements, the game will fully utilize any PC’s hardware to make sure it gives the best experience. One of the things you might have heard about Forspoken is the word – Direct Storage. There is a lot of confusion about what Direct Storage is and how it will affect Forspoken. Let’s take a look at what it is and how it works.

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Forspoken Direct Storage explained

In easy terms, Direct Storage is a part of the DirectX API by Microsoft which helps with SSD (Solid State Drive) loading times. It essentially accelerates the process of reading the data from the SSDs to make sure an application loads at the earliest possible time. It decompresses the data via the GPU and makes sure everything is read faster. It also takes off pressure from the CPU and reduces bottlenecks. Forspoken is the first game to use the Direct Storage feature on the PC. As such, with the help of Direct Storage Forspoken will load very fast on a PC, especially one that has a NvME SSD.

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While Direct Storage does reduce loading times if you have a SATA SSD, it shines with the NvME SSD. Using a NvME SSD will reduce the load times significantly for games with high requirements like Forspoken. The developer Luminous Productions already showed off how Direct Storage with a NvME SSD improves Forspoken’s performance, with loading times of around one or two seconds. Xbox Series X/S users are already enjoying the benefits of Direct Storage as the console launched with it back in 2020. And with Forspoken, PC players can also enjoy this amazing technology.