What is the Calabrese error in Destiny 2?

A networking issue that can be fixed.

Image via Bungie

There are a handful of issues when connecting to Destiny 2, especially when a new piece of content launches. Those experiencing networking issues when loading into the tower or trying to load up the content might encounter the Calabrese error. Here’s what you need to know about the Calabrese error and what’s happening in Destiny 2.

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Can you fix the Calabrese error in Destiny 2?

The Calabrese error shared by Destiny 2 is said to be a networking issue. The issue is reportedly happening on the players’ side of things, but given the number of problems players are experiencing with the Calabrese error, it’s unlikely that resetting the internet and trying to restart the problem will happen. Bungie is actively following this problem, and you might be having some issues when attempting to load into the dungeon, namely the Spire of the Watcher for Season 19 of Destiny 2.

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Right now, it’s a guessing game of what’s happening, and it comes down to the Destiny 2 servers cooperating for you. Some players are going through the Spire of the Watcher dungeon just fine and are experiencing no issues. Others attempt to load into the game and are booted from the Tower or from the Dungeon shortly after starting it. There are little players can do about this, but they can actively follow Bungie as they share these issues.

If you have problems with this error code, we recommend waiting a few hours until these problems level out. The hype for the Spire of the Watcher tower might need to cool down until the evening or until Bungie can handle these issues.