What is the max amount of Power Bombs you can have in Metroid Dread? Answered

Samus Aran’s ultimate ability has limited uses.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Power Bomb has been one of Samus Aran’s best weapons since it was introduced in Super Metroid, and it’s back for Dread. The Power Bomb ability is likely the final one you’ll earn in the game, and for a good reason — it clears the screen of all enemies while destroying any Power Bomb blocks in the vicinity. You can’t one-shot any bosses with them (although they’re still critical during the Raven Beak fight), but they are nonetheless powerful.

When you first acquire the Power Bombs, you’ll only be able to carry two. They’re strong, sure, but that’s still a low number. Thankfully, you can increase this ammo count by finding Power Bomb Tanks. While not as prevalent as Missile Tanks or Energy Tanks, quite a few are scattered across Planet ZDR. Find them all, and you’ll reach Metroid Dread’s maximum number of Power Bombs: 15. 

That means you’ll need to track down 13 additional Power Bomb Tanks. You’ll find at least one in most of the game’s regions, and if you’re having trouble, we can help you out – we have a handy Power Bomb Tank locations guide just for you! You’ll need other powers like the Ice Missile and Space Jump to get them all, but you ought to have all of those by the time you acquire the Power Bomb anyway.