What is The Nothing in Fortnite?

It speaks to use through the Chrome.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Nothing is a recurring being that continues to appear in Fortnite. This is something that contains absolutely nothing and is devoid of absolutely anything at all. The Nothing has occurred every so often. What is The Nothing in Fortnite?

Who is The Nothing in Fortnite?

The Nothing has only appeared a handful of times in Fortnite. Most recently, during Chapter 3, Season 4, it directly requires players to interact with it for the Bytes quests, where players wear the Bytes skin and complete quests. Upon completing each step, The Nothing directly speaks to players as they accept Chrome, which is already overtaking the island.

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Previously, The Nothing first appeared during Season X for The End, a massive live event that switched Fortnite from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2. This was a large appearance for this entity, but it’s mostly silent since this point. In Chapter 3, Season 4, we’re learning that The Nothing is working with The Herald to spread Chrome throughout the Fortnite island, but its exact plans continue to be unknown, and we’re not too sure what it’s trying to achieve.

We imagine there will be smaller and Paradise quests, released through Chapter 3, Season 4, that will reveal what The Nothing is and what it’s attempting to achieve by using Chrome. With every new update to Fortnite, Chrome continues to spread across the island, and this could lead to larger problems as it continues to infect everything.

So far, The Nothing only directly talks to players while wearing the Bytes skin, but it might appear in other capacities beyond this one as Chapter 3, Season 4 unfolds.