What is the release date of Genshin Impact 2.3?

Not long to wait.

Image via miHoYo

With Genshin Impact seeming to go from strength to strength, players always want to know when the next update is coming. At the moment, Genshin Impact will be released on November 24. This will follow the traditional six-week timescale between major updates for the game.

There have already been some leaks that point at all manner of exciting content in the upcoming 2.3 update. There is rumored to be a significant event that will revolve around Albedo and shall see players return to Dragonspine, the game’s snowy and mountainous region. Just like last time, there is suspected to be a free 4 Star weapon up for grabs through the event.

It seems like this means a rerun of Albedo’s banner is a possibility, but we are also due to get some new characters. Itto, a new Geo character, is rumored to be on the way, along with the potential releases of Yae and Shenhe. This will be good news for folks who are in the mood to add a new face to their party. It is also rumored that Gorou will release as a 4 Star character at some point during 2.3.

There will also be some new Artifacts on the way, including a new set for Geo users and another for healers. The Husk of Opulent Dreams boosts DEF% and Geo DMG%, while the Divine Chorus boosts Healing Bonus% and will give burst damage based on how much healing you do.

Finally, it has been hinted that a new animal capture system will be added to the game. Players will be able to get a new device that allows them to catch wildlife that they can place in the Serenitea Pot.