God of War Ragnarok reportedly delayed to 2023

Boy, this is disappointing.

Image via PlayStation

God of War Ragnarok’s development cycle has been a bit murky. The sequel was already delayed once due to Kratos voice actor Christopher Judge getting surgery. That delay only fanned the flames of hype, but it seems another might be on the horizon. At least one site has reported that Ragnarok will be delayed to next year.

GameReactor Spain reports that “various European sources” have confirmed that God of War Ragnarok is being pushed back to 2023. This comes on top of the game’s placeholder date being changed to December 31, as spotted by PlayStation Game Size on Twitter. It is important to point out that PlayStation has said nothing official about a delay at this time, so the report is presently unconfirmed.

Additionally, other voices in the industry have had dissenting opinions on a potential delay. Analyst Robert Serrano replied to the tweet above, saying the game “is coming later this year.” Furthermore, Serrano claims the release date will be announced imminently during Summer Game Fest. On ResetEra, games journalist Jason Schreier said some of his sources “haven’t heard anything about a slip to 2023.”

The last we heard from the team at Sony Santa Monica, the sequel was “just not ready to be shown.” That’s according to Santa Monica’s Cory Barlog. Despite that status, Ragnarok animation director Bruno Velazquez sent out a reassuring tweet that the game would still be “coming this year.” On top of this, the game was recently rated in South Korea — ratings often proceed news about a game launch. Prior to this potential delay, a September release date was predicted for the game. In the end, this leaves anyone excited for Ragnarok anxiously awaiting official word from Sony.

In the meantime, there’s more than just a God of War game on the horizon. A TV series was in negotiation at Amazon Prime in March of this year. Since then, the show was officially added to Amazon’s lineup.