When are Matrix skins coming to Fortnite?

Be on the lookout during the second half of December.

Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

Over 20 years after it was created, The Matrix is front and center again in the media landscape. The Matrix Resurrections is set to resume the film series’ story on December 22, and the recently released tech demo, The Matrix Awakens, served as an example of what the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles are capable of while running Unreal Engine 5. If claims by dataminers are to be believed, characters from the groundbreaking film series will also debut in Fortnite during the second half of December.

In November, Fortnite leaker HYPEX claimed in a now-deleted tweet that Matrix protagonists Neo and Trinity would be playable in an upcoming “Fortnite X Matrix” collaboration reportedly scheduled for the second half of December. No further details were provided regarding an exact release date. Given that The Matrix Resurrections is set to hit theaters on December 22, it seems likely the collaboration would fall somewhere around that date. Epic has yet to confirm when the collaboration will happen or even announce that one is happening, but we will update this article as more information surfaces regarding the crossover.

The question surrounding Fortnite’s crossover with The Matrix is more a matter of “when,” rather than “if.” In early December, HYPEX uncovered an animated rain wrap texture within one of Fortnite’s updates that bore a heavy resemblance to the code representing The Matrix seen throughout the movies, seemingly confirming a collaboration of some sort is on the way.