When is the release date for Football Manager 2023?

One of the signature management games.

Image via Sports Interactive

Football season has just started in Europe, and that means a fresh beginning for some of the best from around the world. The start of football season also means a look ahead towards EA Sports’ FIFA franchise, and the management simulation in Football Manager. Every year, SEGA has released a management game that has become a titan in its genre, and it’s very fair to expect that a new version will be released for 2022. So, when can football fans expect Football Manager 2023? Let’s go over what we know so far.

When Football Manager 2023 be released?

On September 8, SEGA and Sports Interactive announced that Football Manager 2023 will be released on November 8. This date lines up quite nicely, with where past Football Manager games had been released.

Last year, Football Manager 2022 was released on November 9. Last year was a milestone one for the Sports Interactive-developed game, as it was available immediately upon launch on Xbox Game Pass and for Xbox consoles. This was not the first time Football Manager was made available for consoles, but it was for Microsoft’s subscription service.

Two years ago, Football Manager went live on November 24 for mobile devices, and on PC. Versions for the Xbox consoles and the Nintendo Switch were also made, but were not available until December 2020.

This year’s edition will also come with a console edition, as Football Manager 2023 will be available for Xbox consoles, as well as PC Game Pass. Additionally, the Nintendo Switch will also receive a version, as will the PlayStation 5.