When is the release date for Genshin Impact 3.3? Answered

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When Genshin Impact’s next big expansion launches on August 24, players will get the chance to finally explore the new region of Sumeru and dig into the new story and combat mechanics that are hidden there. This new update has already announced three new characters for the game, but when can fans expect that roster to grow even further? Here is everything we know about when the Genshin Impact 3.3 update will release and what we can expect to see in it.

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When will the Genshin Impact 3.3 update be released?

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During a recent livestream, Genshin Impact developers HoYoverse laid out their roadmap for future updates. The intention at the moment is to release new content every five weeks until the end of 2022, starting with the release of update 3.0 and the Sumeru region’s launch. With August 24 being the intended release date for this first major update, fans can expect to see the Genshin Impact 3.3 update released on December 7, 15 weeks later.

HoYoverse hasn’t released any details about what will be in the following updates other than a few story details. It is safe to assume that the updates after the Sumeru expansion, including Genshin Impact 3.3, will be focused on rolling out story missions and expanding the game’s roster of characters.

Traditionally, Genshin Impact updates were released every six weeks rather than five, but HoYoverse likely wants to take advantage of the hype around the Sumeru region’s release to roll out smaller updates a bit quicker. There were several delays to content releases over the summer months, so the accelerated schedule will allow them to get Genshin Impact 3.3 out before the end of 2022.

All these dates are subject to change, depending on if the game runs into delays in its development. If all goes well, however, fans can expect three large updates to Genshin Impact before the end of the year.