Where is Helvetia in Fallout 76?

Off to the mountains.

Fallout 76 features several unique locations to the franchise, and the map seems to become bigger and bigger with more things to do with each new update. With new sites, events, and places to visit, it can be challenging to keep track of everything happening in the game. For those interested in starting the Fasnacht Day event, which takes place from May 27 to June 9, you need to head to Helvetia.

Helvetia is a town south of Greg’s Mine Supply, and to the southeast of Wayward. Of the two, Wayward is likely the best location to fast travel to before initially entering the location. You won’t find too much travel between Wayward and Helvetia, making it a great fast travel point to use before reaching the town.

When you get to Helvetia, your primary goal for reaching there is likely to participate in Fasnacht Day. Once you arrive in town, you want to the direct center of it where there’s a small bridge to speak to the Master of Ceremonies. He will give you a series of tasks to complete for the event. We have a detailed breakdown of how to start the Fasnacht Day event. You can participate in it every hour on the hour of every day for the duration of the event, which will last from May 27 to June 9.

For those who complete the event, you can earn one of many Fasnacht Day masks. They vary in rarity, but the better you do in the event, the better of a mask you receive as a reward. You receive a score based on how many robots participating in the event you save, which is a total of five.