Where is Zavala in Destiny 2?

Big Blue is waiting.

Destiny 2

The Fourth Horseman quest in Destiny 2 seems to have generated a renewed interest in Zavala, the leader of the Vanguard. You can find Zavala by opening your Director, navigating to the Destination Tabs, and clicking on the Tower.

Zavala can be found directly ahead of where you spawn in at the end of the long walkway. He is the character who hands out the Vanguard Bounties and plays an essential roll in the new Season of the Worthy, as he and Ana Bray work to try and stop the Almighty from crashing into the last city.

Zavala is the leader of the Titans and was members of a Fireteam with Cayde-6 and Ikora. You can get bounties, quests, and gear from him using Tokens that are earned through Strikes and Vanguard Bounties.

Zavala Location

If you were looking to find the entrance to Zavala’s office, we have a guide to help you with that as well, and a full guide on how to get the Fourth Horseman Exotic Shotgun. One of the steps in the Fourth Horseman quest is to kill Psions on Mars, and we also have a guide to show you where you can quickly finish up this step.