Where to quickly search seven chests or ammo boxes at Misty Meadows In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

In and out, a 30 second adventure.


Misty Meadows, being perched high on a hill, has managed to escape the flood’s impact in Fortnite and remains largely unchanged so far in Season 3. This week, as part of the map challenges, we will need to go there and loot seven chests or ammo boxes. If you have been distracted by the rest of the map this season, exploring all the changes that Midas’ wrought upon the land, this guide will help you quickly wrap up the challenge.

Misty Meadows

There is just one building in Misty Meadows that you need to visit to complete this whole challenge, as it is packed full of chests and ammo boxes. You can find it marked by the red box on the map above. Try to drop directly at this location from the Battle Bus, to make sure you are the first person in the door.

The building itself is broken up into a small collection of apartments and shops, so just run from room to room, grabbing every chest and ammo box that you see. Remember to check both upstairs and downstairs, and if you have exhausted one area, simply head out into the street and then into the next door, which will lead you back into a new part of the same building. You could smash through the walls if you like, but this is likely to give your position away in a busy area.

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