Where to catch a Temtem on the Prasine Coast

If you need a Temtem from the Prasine Coast, we will show you where to find it.


Image via Crema

When you first arrive in Brica De Mar in Temtem, you will be able to explore the small village and meet various NPCs there. As you search through all the buildings, you will come across Luisouvenirs. Luis, the man who runs it, is willing to give you a map if you can show him a Temtem from the Prasine Coast.

The good news here is that the Prasine Coast is not very hard to find; in fact, you have just walked through it. Once you have caught a Temtem on your way from the start of the game to Brica De Mar, show it to Luis, and he will give you an Archipelago map. If you didn’t catch any Temtem on your journey, walk back to the route you used to get to Brica De Mar and find a wild Temtem. You won’t be able to fight any of the trainers you already beat, but you will be able to check in the long grass for a random encounter.

When the battle starts, hit the Temtem with one move that will damage it, then when you are picking which move for your Temtem to use, select the Bag icon instead. Click on a TemCard to use it, and your character will throw it at the Temtem. When you catch it, return to Luis and show it to him.

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