Where to catch Hop Floppers in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Gone fishing, again.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The legendary quest for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Week 10 is to spend time airborne using Hop Floppers and Shockwave Grenades. Hop Floppers are a type of fish that can be caught in the game, and will give players a small amount of health, along with one minute of low gravity.

This means they will be able to jump much higher, and almost float a little in the air. Getting the Hop Flopper is easy, as different variants of it are available in all the biomes in the game. Only one of the Hop Floppers requires a Pro Fishing Rod to catch, while all the rest can be caught with the normal fishing rod.

Drift Hop FlopperAnywhere
Coho Hop FlopperForest Areas
Atlantic Hop FlopperMountainous AreasĀ – Pro Fishing Rod needed
Chinhook Hop FlopperSwamp Areas
Chum Hop FlopperCoastal Areas

To quickly do this challenge, it is a good to find Hop Floppers and Shockwave Grenades, then go to the top of mountains or high ramps. Eating the Hop Flopper and using the Shockwave Grenade to launch yourself from the top of the ramp or mountain should get you quite a bit of airtime.

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